8 Ways That Say "I Love You" In A Friendship More Than Words Ever Could


Friends are some of the best gifts you will ever get in life. You've got someone by your side to adventure and laugh with, but they'll be there for you when you need some cheering up, too. What more could you ask for? There are plenty of things you can say if you want to know how to show a friend you love them, but sometimes, actions speak louder than words.

At times, your closest friends will be those who have been in your life for years, but other friends may be just as special, even if they've recently entered your life. Maybe you live thousands of miles away, or maybe you're roommates. No matter how you met or how long you've known each other, it's never too early to show your friend that you love and appreciate them.

You don't have to make a big scene to express your love for your girls. Little things add up and make a huge difference, so don't underestimate the value of something simple. It's the little things your friends do that make a difference in your life, after all. If your squad is made up of the coolest, most supportive, best friends on the entire planet, read on. They deserve to know how much you love them, and it's definitely easy to make sure they know just that.

Learn Her Coffee Order And Surprise Her

When you get coffee with a person enough times, you'll learn their order by heart. You'll know just what your friend likes on Mondays, and what she'll sip when she needs some extra caffeine. If you know she's got a big day at work, why not drop by her office to bring her her fave pick-me-up, along with a sweet treat? It'll make her day.

Offer Her A Ride
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You love your girl, and you want to make sure she gets home safely. If she's not feeling her best or had a few too many drinks, offer to bring her home and help her pick up her car in the morning. It'll make life a little less hectic for her and she'll know you care.

Treat Her To Lunch At Your Fave Spot
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Some quality time with your friend can go a long way. All you need to do is pick one of your favorite places to go together for a nice lunch, sit down, and chat away. She'll probably offer to go dutch, but there's nothing wrong with treating her every once in awhile.

Defend Her When She Isn't There

Loyal friends are always on your side, whether or not you're with them. You should stick by your girl no matter what. Word will get out, and she'll know you stuck up for her, and she'll have your back at all times when you're not around, too.

Help Her Through A Tough Situation

Nothing can make such a huge difference in the life of a friend than having someone by your side when you truly need them. If you'll be that someone for your friend, she'll never forget it. When you need someone, she'll drop everything to help you through the toughest of times.

Be Her Shoulder To Cry On

It's easy to be a friend through the happy times, but if you stick by your bestie's side when she needs some extra support, she'll thank you forever. Sometimes, all a girl needs is someone to listen, and who better than her friends? One day, she'll return the favor.

Have A Girls' Night

Especially during trying times, a night of fun with your girls can make all the difference in the world. Grab some booze (if you're 21 and up), a few of your fave movies, and a bag of popcorn for an easy girls' night in. If you'd rather go out, why not have some fun getting ready together like you used to do in high school?

Pick Up Something She Needs
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A small favor can be a big deal. If you find yourself at the supermarket and you remember something your friend asked for recently, you should grab it just in case. Maybe she bought it already, but if she still needs it, you've saved her a trip to the store. You'll be her hero.