11 Things You Never Thanked Your Best Friend For, But Meant To

by Sarah Kaye Santos

Your best friend is, by far, one of the most important people in your life to whom you often forget to say thank you.

Through the good, the bad and the ugly, somehow she just gets you. And, somehow, your appreciation for her gets lost amongst the moments of pain and laughter you share together.

You say thank you for the little things, like the dinner she made or the movie she let you borrow, but rarely, if ever, for what's more important.

These are 11 of those things for which you forgot to thank her, but meant to along the way.

Guille Faingold

For all the times she let you come back after you strayed too far away.

Whether it be because of a relationship, finding yourself or other personal reasons, your best friend always lets you do your own thing for awhile because she knows you'll come back eventually.

You're meant to try new things and mess up a few times; you're free to embark on your own journey.

But, in the end, you realize who and what's important in your life. And, no matter how many times you get lost, you always make your way back to find that your best friend is always right there to welcome you.

That time you were in a half-relationship with someone who wasn't worth the time or effort, yet she didn't stop you.

Remember the guy whose words sounded like nothing short of a sweet symphony every time he spoke? Looking back now, it's the biggest piece of Googled Hallmark text ever.

Although it would have been nice for a wake-up call via megaphone or a bucket of ice-cold water poured over your head to bring you back to reality, your best friend let you wander aimlessly on cloud nine for a while.

We learn best through experience, so she let you fall head-over-heels until that symphony turned into overly auto-tuned garbage.


Thanks to her, you now know what type of people to avoid and have countless running jokes about What's-His-Name.

For being so patient when you babble on and on about your life and problems, and you forget to ask how she's doing.

Sometimes, you get really into a story or topic and completely disregard taking a break, or even letting her chime in for 30 seconds. And, when she finally gets the chance to say something, you unintentionally cut her off and bring the subject back to you.

You never mean to, and you know her life is just as important, but sometimes, you forget life isn't just about you.

The time she unwillingly went on a double date with you, that guy you liked and his friend.

Remember when you had a crush on that cute guy? And, since you didn't know said guy too well yet, you asked her if she wanted to hang out with you, cute guy and cute guy's average friend?

She said no because she knew it was going to basically be like a double date. You begged and promised to stay with her the whole night, and she still said no.

But, because she's your best friend, she eventually came around, and in the end, the night was super awkward for her. Not to mention, you didn't stay with her the whole time like you said you would. Oops.

For letting you borrow her favorite shirt/skirt/piece of jewelry/movie, and then letting you take forever to give it back.

Regardless of whether you lost it or loved it so much that you kept on "forgetting" to give it back to her, you knew she wanted it back, but selfishly, you held on to it.

Months or even years later, you "found" it (or in some cases, replaced it if you lost it), and finally "remembered" to put it in your bag. At least you gave it back though, right?

And, for those still harboring that favorite shirt/skirt/piece of jewelry/movie that belongs to your best friend, maybe it's time to hand it back over.

For sticking by you through your most awkward stages.

When you look back at old photos (the kind you took on your digital or disposal cameras, flip phone and BlackBerry), it's hard to imagine how anyone stayed friends with you back in the day.

The braces? The uneven side bangs? The acne that splattered all over your face at the start of your teenage years? She stuck with you through it all.

Rather than judging you for stuffing your face with carbs, she joins you.

Your best friend isn't truly your best friend if you don't enjoy this one pastime together: eating. If there's anything you two always do together, it's eat.

Every time you get together, there is some sort of food or beverage you consume.

You talk and eat. Watch TV and eat. Shop and eat. Take road trips and eat. Your best friend never judges you for those two slices of pizza and frozen yogurt and cookies you ate for dinner. Instead, she eats her own share right beside you.

Now that's true friendship.

For the times she smoothly covered for you when your parents asked her how her family party was "you two went to the other night."

Except, there was no family party, and you weren't with her. And, you forgot to inform her about the fake family party you two had attended. Luckily, you both speak a language of your own, and that look you gave her was enough to let her know to keep calm and just go with it.

For letting you treat her home like your home.

We're talking taking over her bed when you sleep over, forgetting to unplug and put her hair straightener back in its rightful place after you're done using it and trying on her whole closet and tossing everything in a giant pile on her bed.

Michela Ravasio

This category also includes the rights to raid her refrigerator and plop yourself on her living room couch as you wait for her at her house. Because you also let yourself in while she wasn't home yet.

For never saying, "I told you so," out loud.

She's given you the look and never disagreed when you told her she was right, but she never says those four words out loud. Best friends don't need to make a scene when one is wrong.

You two share a special bond and have a way of communicating without words; there is no need to boast when one is right. There's a specific set of phrases every dynamic duo often uses, and "I told you so" is not one of them.

For always telling you how it is.

Your best friend is the only person who will be blatantly honest with you at all times.

She laughs at every bad outfit you try on, rolls her eyes every time you mention What's-His-Name and calls you out on bad decisions before you follow through with them -- because you both know you'll regret them later on.

She lets you cry, wallow and vent when you need to, but when it's time to get up from that slump, she'll no longer offer her shoulder but stick out her hand to help you back up.

Without her advice, friendship or number memorized in your head, you would be lost in this crazy world.