If You're Feeling Antsy For Summer To Get Here, Say "Shell Yeah" To These 12 Things

The summer is almost here, and I don't know about you, but I'm getting very impatient. I'm trying my best to keep my cool, but just thinking about the pool days, coconut drinks, and family vacays has me feelin' super giddy. Unfortunately, there are still a few weeks to go, but that's plenty of time to get yourself ready for the warm weather and sunglasses season. If you're lost on how to prepare for summer, don't worry. I have you covered with all of the essentials that will make the time fly by.

I don't know about you, but I don't do well with waiting. I try very hard to be a patient person, but when something is incredibly exciting, I cannot contain myself. Luckily, I find that keeping myself busy is the best. As long as I stay active, I'm not just staring at the clock all day long, waiting for warm, sunny days to fall into my lap.

If you have a big trip planned for the summer, this is the perfect time to finalize your plans. You could also use the remainder of spring to get your home, wardrobe, and beach bag ready for every summer adventure that's to come. For anyone who's feeling as antsy as me, add these 12 things to your to-do list right now. After checking off each one, you'll realize summer is here, and it's time to party!

Find The Perfect Swimsuit For All The Pool Parties And Beach Days

You already know pool parties and beach days are in your near future. You want to look fab for any floaty Instagram pic you pose for. That's why you should start the hunt for the perfect swimsuit. You could go with an asymmetrical bikini or a retro one-piece.

Check Expiration Dates On Your SPF And Stock Up
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It's time to dig through your cabinet for your bottles of sunscreen, and throw out anything that's expired. Then, stock up on a ton of fresh SPF — because you'll need it when you're soaking up those rays. Sephora even sells a Sun Safety Kit that's trendy and honestly #necessary.

Go Shopping For Vibrant Summer Lip Colors
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This summer is all about bold lips and fun colors. With a new season, it's time to switch things up. Head to Sephora to find your new summer shade. It could be a bright purple, a coral hue that totally pops, or a neon pink — whatever you're feeling.

Get A Summery Haircut
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There's something about summertime that calls for a haircut or color change. You could get yourself a cute trim with layers, or a full-on summer bob to beat the heat. If you don't want a cut, opt for a bold new color or highlights.

Make The Final Arrangements For Your Big Summer Vacay

If you have a big trip planned this summer, now's the time to finalize your plans. After the logistics of airfare and hotels, you could start a doc on your computer with all the cute cafés and shops you want to check out. The research will make time fly like no other.

Prepare The Perfect Beach Bag

You already know beach days are a given this summer, so get yourself ready with the perfect beach bag to grab and go. Find a tote that can carry everything you need. Make sure you have the right blanket as well. Tesalate beach towels are my favorite, because they're cute AF, keep sand off, and fold really easily in your bag.

Do Some Spring Cleaning And Have A Summer Home Makeover

The spring is all about renewal and cleaning. That's why you need to take advantage of the time you have before summer arrives to clean out the old, and prepare for the new. It feels so nice knowing that you're starting the summer off right with a fresh home. You could even redecorate by adding some cute plants or bright-colored accents.

Be On The Lookout For Your Go-To Pair Of Shades
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Sunglasses are an everyday essential for the summer. Find your go-to pair that will go on every adventure with you. If you're looking, Felix Gray has a variety of cute frames that not only block out the UV rays, but filter the blue light when you're scrolling through Insta while sitting poolside.

Make Sure Your AC Is Ready For The Heat

The summer heat is will be intense. Luckily, you might have an AC unit to keep you feeling fresh at all times when you're chilling inside. Just make sure you do any necessary maintenance checks before the heatwaves come, so you're not dealing with any hot emergencies.

Write A Summer To-Do List To Finish Before The Fall
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While you daydream about summer arriving, you could jot down a to-do list to finish before the fall. This could be a summer Instagram challenge with your friends, or places you want to visit. You could even come up with a summer mantra, and write down everything you'd like to achieve with that in mind.

Start Saving For Any Summer Expenses

Put yourself on a budget plan ASAP to prepare for the summer. You never know what adventure may come up, and you want to have the funds to say, "Yes!"

Establish A Fun Summer Workout Routine
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When the weather is hot AF outside, you may need to switch up your workout routine. Find some summer-related activities like doing laps in the pool or taking a sunrise yoga class instead of going for a jog midday.