15 Summer Instagram Challenges To Complete With Your Person For The Best Season Yet

Pretty soon, summer will be here in all its warm weather glory. You and your best friend plan on taking advantage of each passing day by going to the beach, eating ice cream, and wearing your neon sunnies all day long. With so much fun to be had on the horizon, documenting it on the 'Gram is a must. If you're looking for more photo opportunities, you and your bestie might want to consider this list of summer Instagram challenges to complete by the end of the season.

You already know that summer will speed by like it always does, which is why it's necessary for you to capture the moments you can. An Instagram challenge not only helps you get those fun times snapped, but gives you and your bestie something to do every day. When you're feeling bored AF from your usual summer go-to's, you can always break out your summer Insta challenge list for inspiration.

If you're still wondering what a summer Instagram challenge is, well, let me set the record straight. All you need to do is add these 15 challenges to your summer bucket list. Each one is a picture you'll want to snap and post on Instagram. Don't forget to caption each one with your own punny hashtag, or simply, #BestSummerEver. Then, you can look back on all the fun you had, and know that you truly did have the most epic time.

A Plandid On A Massive Inflatable With Matching Sunnies

If you're not floating on an oversized inflatable, are you really doing summer right? It seems like no pool party is complete without one nowadays, so be sure to snap a pic of you and your bestie posing on one with matching sunglasses.

A Selfie Trying A Bold New Lip Color

One of summer's hottest trends will be bold lip colors. Go for a bright pink or purple hue you've never tried before. If lipstick isn't really your thing, this is your chance to step out of your comfort zone — if you want to — for something new and fresh for the 'Gram.

An Action Shot Jumping In The Air On The Beach

A jumping pic on the beach is a summer Instagram necessity, but you know it's almost impossible to achieve. There's always someone who misses their cue. Since you and your bestie are so in sync, you have the best chance to really get capture the perfect shot.

A Foodie Pic Of The Perfect S'Mores At A Bonfire
Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Whether you're camping or just hanging out in your backyard, s'mores are a must. Also, quality foodie pics are just as much an Instagram challenge, so you need to snap a shot with your marshmallow melted to sweet perfection.

A Pic Lounging In A Cozy Reading Nook With A Summer Book
Bogdan Sonjachnyj/Shutterstock

Create your very own reading space in a hammock. Then, snap a shelfie — aka a book selfie — of you reading. You're marking off another challenge and getting your summer reading done. It's a win-win.

An #Artsy Shot Of You Out On The Water Looking At The Sunset
Rock and Wasp/Shutterstock

Summer sunsets are gorgeous from anywhere, but challenge yourself to get a pic while on the water by going canoeing or kayaking with your bestie. You really won't need a filter for this pic of the vibrant colors melting into each other across the horizon.

A Chill Pic Laying Out In The Park On A Picnic

You and your bestie should not only plan a picnic in the park, but an Insta-worthy one. Make sure to pack tons of colorful sips and eats, like bright red strawberries, watermelon, and lemonade. Then, snap a selfie of you and your best friend laying out next to your picture-perfect spread.

A Cute Shot Riding A Bike With Flowers In Your Basket

Stop by the farmers' market for a beautiful bouquet to put in your bike's basket. Then, snap a cute pic of you riding while wearing your new summer hat and coordinating sundress.

A Pic Sippin' A Drink Out Of A Coconut

While lounging poolside, you'll need a drink in-hand. Although, it can't be just any drink. Get a sippin' selfie posing with a cocktail (if you're 21 or older) that's in a coconut. And if you're under 21, make it a mocktail!

A Cool Scene In Your BFF's Sunglasses Reflection

For a little extra IG challenge, try to capture a cool reflection pic in your best friend's sunglasses. It could even be a selfie of you smiling back at her.

A Pic In Front Of A Ferris Wheel At The Fair

The fair should be on your to-do list this summer, because it's filled with fun rides and delicious fried food. When the sun goes down and all the lights come on, snap a pic in front of the Ferris Wheel or merry-go-round.

A Long Exposure Pic While You're Stargazing

If you plan on going stargazing on one of your camping trips, bring along a tripod to try and snap a long exposure pic. It will surely get all the likes on the 'Gram.

A Hair Flip Pic, Just Like Ariel On The Rocks At The Beach

Let's face it: You've definitely tried the Ariel hair flip from The Little Mermaid. Next time you're at the beach, try to get a perfectly timed action shot of you on the rocks, channeling your inner Disney princess.

A Boomerang Riding A Skateboard

The summer is for embracing new experiences. So if you don't know how to ride a skateboard, find a friend who can teach you, and give it a try! Capture a cute boomerang shot of you skating down the street.

A Sparklers Pic On The Fourth Of July
witaya ratanasirikulchai/Shutterstock

Bring along some sparklers to your Fourth of July barbecue. After the fireworks, put on your own show by lighting them up. This is also a great chance to use that long exposure while you dance around with the sparks.