How To Pack Light For A Ski Trip In 6 Simple Steps, Because There's Never Enough Room

by Ciara Johnson

Ready to hit the slopes? Skiing is so much fun, and you've waited all year long for that fresh powder. There's something so exhilarating about skiing down a mountain on a snowy day. Ski trips are a must during the wintertime, especially for those who don't live in snowy destinations year-round. Nothing can compare to a trip with your besties where you spend the day skiing, and end it with a few cocktails by the fire pit. Before you take off, you should definitely know how to pack light for a ski trip, because it seems like there's never enough room.

When it comes to packing, the struggle can be so real. It's especially difficult for cold weather destinations because you'll be packing bulky coats, boots, and sweaters. Many of us know what it feels like to start packing up those bags, only to discover that there just isn't enough space.

How do you pack light when you have to bring heavy jackets, chunky sweaters, snow boots, and gear? Well, there are certainly a few tips that can help you pack light for a ski trip if you really need to. You'll be able to fit more than you ever thought possible without sacrificing style. Keep reading to see how you can pack light for a ski trip, because it's definitely possible.

Wear Your Heaviest Clothing There

You only have so much space inside your bag, so it will definitely help to wear your heaviest clothing. Instead of trying to stuff your bulky coat and snow boots into your suitcase, you should wear these clothes to your destination. In the end, this will make more room for clothing that isn't as heavy. This will also help you stay warm and cozy during the ride!

Roll Your Clothes
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Instead of folding your clothes and placing them into your suitcase, consider rolling them. This will help organize everything better and limit the amount of wrinkles in every piece of clothing. You'll be thanking yourself when you arrive at your destination!

Pack Thermal Underwear For Skiing

Thermal underwear will definitely keep you warm in freezing cold weather. In addition to that, you'll be able to limit the amount of bulky sweatshirts and sweatpants you need to pack for your days spent on the slopes.

Mix Up Your Look With Accessories

Accessories can make any outfit exciting, especially in the wintertime. Instead of packing additional clothing, consider bringing colorful scarves, vibrant beanies, and cute gloves that will give your outfits a nice pop of color. You'll be able to switch up your look without sacrificing space, and your Instagrams will be straight #fire.

Use Packing Cubes
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You'll quickly notice that a single coat could fill up your entire suitcase, and that's where compression bags come in to save the day. Compression bags will help you save so much space by compressing your clothes as small as possible and removing any additional air from the bag.

Pack Light Layers For Downtime

Layer up in order to save space inside your luggage. When you bring light layers — like a long-sleeve knit top, flannel shirt, and leggings, for example — you'll be able to stay warm without adding weight to your bag. A few layers will definitely do the trick!