A woman put some bread dinner rolls into the oven.

1 TikToker's "Secret Rolls" Are Going Viral & They're Actually So Easy To Make


Some family recipes are so secret, they're kept locked away and only shared once trust and further secrecy is ensured. That was the case with one TikToker's family dinner rolls recipe — but now the secret is out. If you're on the foodie corner of TikTok, you've probably seen these "secret rolls" all over your "For You" page. In this particular instance, it's because the newest "owner" of the recipe is the person telling everyone how to make TikTok's "secret rolls."

The story behind these tasty bread rolls is that they were once a family recipe, but as soon as TikToker Julia Protexter's (@jprtxtr) mom found out how to make them, she wanted to share them with everyone. She didn't like the fact that it took some begging to get the OG recipe. So, according to the TikTok video, if anyone asks how to make the "secret rolls," she'll tell them. Now that the recipe is on TikTok, it's spreading like a delicious glaze, so it seems it's time for you to try making them for yourself.

What you'll need to begin are some frozen dinner rolls, butter, brown sugar, and ice cream. That's right, ice cream is the special ingredient that makes these dessert rolls so tasty. You'll also want to carve out some time, because these rolls need to sit out overnight. But that just means you'll have some delicious TikTok "secret rolls" to enjoy first thing in the morning for breakfast.


To begin, take a pan, butter the bottom, and place your frozen dinner rolls on top. In the video, Julia says you can use your favorite dinner rolls, so it doesn't have to be a certain brand. Once that's done, measure out one cup of ice cream, one cup of brown sugar, and one stick of butter in a pot. You can use whatever ice cream you want, but this particular recipe uses vanilla bean ice cream. Bring everything in the pot to a boil. You definitely want to keep stirring, because it'll burn easily and you don't want that. Another helpful tip is to make sure you're scrubbing the sides of the pot as well.

As soon as you have your boiled ice cream, brown sugar, and butter, you'll want to pour that over your dinner rolls. It's OK if most of your mixture is sitting at the bottom of the pan. You'll be leaving these rolls to rise overnight, so by morning, your bread will fill the pan and be covered in the glaze. Just make sure you cover your bread with some cellophane first before you set it out.

When your rolls have risen, bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. The end result will be some delicious ice cream-glazed rolls that'll go perfectly with your fave cup of coffee. You could even get creative with your recipe by trying different ice cream flavors like chocolate or even strawberry. Then, you'll have some Neapolitan bread rolls.


If you're feeling extra fancy, you could even take two of the "secret rolls" and use them to make an ice cream sandwich. You just need to place a scoop of your leftover ice cream at the center. It'll be like an upgraded version of the Croque Glaces — brioche ice cream sandwich — that's available at Epcot in Walt Disney World. But of course, you could also just experiment and come up with your own rolls recipe that you can decide whether or not you want to keep it a secret as well.