How To Make A Long-Term Relationship Last, According To The Sweet Things Guys Do


There are lots of things we are expected to just know how to do in life, without any sort of proper training. You know, things like paying bills, investing money, or even GIVING BIRTH TO AND RAISING A CHILD. One other intense thing a lot of us have no idea how to do, yet are expected to do with ease? Make a long-term relationship last. We are expected to easily find someone special, fall in love with them, and ideally spend the rest of our lives just knowing how to make that love last. But if you're wondering how to make a long-term relationship last, trust me, you're not alone. Nobody taught us how to do that! That's not some innate wisdom we laypeople just have!

Sure, maybe some of you are the product of happy marriages, and you were able to learn how to make a long-term relationship last by example. But for those of us who were not afforded that luxury, I come bearing some useful tips. A recent Reddit thread asked dudes in long-term relationships to explain how to make a long-term relationship last, based on their own personal experiences. Read along and maybe think about applying some of these tips to your own long-term relationship.

Tear down the walls you've built up over time.


Don't forget to compliment your partner.


Take them on a nice trip.


Never stop being grateful for them.


I repeat: Give them genuine compliments years down the line.


You both need to try in a relationship.


Make sure to keep things feeling fresh (i.e. lots of surprises and trying new things).


Keep doing the romantic things you did when you first started dating.


Literally just never stop dating them.


Uh, poop in front of her...?


You know, as weird as that last one sounds, honestly, a relationship where you can't feel comfortable enough to poop in front of your bae is one in which I want no part, so, like, PREACH.

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