25 Best Angles To Boomerang Your Beauty ~*Lewk

by Kim Carpluk

I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Boomerang and, I must confess, that through much trial and error, I've got how to look good in selfies down to a science. Specifically, I've determined the absolute best angles to Boomerang your beauty lewk. No need to thank me. Just tag me in your latest Instagram story.

In all seriousness, I am known amongst my friends for my notorious Boomerang addiction. As a makeup artist, I've found that pictures, though effective, only capture a fraction of the magic of makeup. Yes, with the right lighting you can pick up many aspects of a look in a photograph. But, can we record just how magical a duo chrome shadow can be? Can we show off the true glow-to-the-heavens power of our new Fenty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters? I think not.

So I resort to Boomerangs. I treat my Boomerangs like live pictures. I'll shift a little bit here, smirk a bit there to show how my artistry lives and breathes in real life. After all, we're more than just 2D paintings. We're 3D masterpieces. Mona Lisa herself would be shook.

So if you're ready to graduate from plain old photos and really capture you're beauty with a Boomerang, then you best get started with these 25 angles.

1. Vertical And Head On

Now, this isn't my favorite way to capture my looks, but it's effective. The plus side is that you can post it to your various social media channels and the image will be right side up. And, the length of the vertical Boomerang gives you all the space to capture your shining face and flowing hair all at the same time. The major downside is that, because of where the camera is situated in my iPhone, if I take a vertical photo from above my forehead immediately looks much longer than it really is. When the camera is angled from above, it will read your forehead as larger because it's closest to the camera. Your phone truly has to be dead on for this angle to work effectively.

But when it works, damn! I'm serving all sorts of Glampire vibes in this photo and I promise I don't look this good in real life.

2. Diagonal And Head On

I just prefer taking my Boomerangs diagonally or horizontally. This way, I can take my pictures while holding my phone slightly above eye level and angling it downward to capture my face without making my forehead look bigger than it is. Holding the camera from above will make you look slightly more streamlined, focusing on your face rather than your body, which, for a makeup-focused pic, is rather important. Mother makeup artist Pat McGrath herself taught me this technique. Thanks, mom.

The best part of the diagonal technique is that you can still fit in your entire face, décolleté, and flower crown, if need be.

3. Horizontal And Head On

This is my favorite angle. Maybe it's because the left side of my face is my good side and, when I hold my phone out with my right arm, my good side is closest to the camera? Can't be sure. All I know is that I highly recommend that you take your Boomerang while holding your phone horizontally. Yes, your video will be sideways when you upload it to Instagram, but the beauty is worth it, I promise.

4. Horizontal And Walking

You know how Beyoncé always has fans installed on her stages so her hair is always flowing behind her like an enchanted mane full of secrets? Well, guess what? You too can get the same effect for a fraction of the price! For free, in fact! And OK, maybe it's not the exact same, but by taking your Boomerang while walking, your hair will have no choice but to flow behind you as you go.

TBH, I take the majority of my Boomerangs while walking. Extra added bonus: if you take it while walking to the car (or to the subway, in my case), you'll be in natural light, and everyone looks good in natural light.

5. Horizontal And Walking With A Stranger In The Background

If you want to spice it up, make sure to capture a stranger in the background of your picture. Does she think that she's a famous vlogger? Is she being followed? Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship? Anyone's guess. Just stay sexy and don't get murdered.

6. Horizontal And Spinning Around So You Can Give Yourself A Migraine, But Also Get A Really Cool Boomerang

Just stand your ground and swivel your torso back and forth, just as we used to when stretching in elementary school gym class. It looks just like one of those fancy 360 cameras, except it's not.

7. Horizontal With A Blonde Wig

Boomerangs are just better with wigs.

8. Horizontal And Walking Dangerously With Eyes Closed

When you spent 5+ minutes blending out your eyeshadow in the morning, you bet you're gonna show it off. When recording your Boomerang, sensually look down toward the ground so everyone can bask in the beauty of your lids, and then flash the camera your sparkling eyeballs. It's totally worth the risk of falling flat on your face in public. At least no one on social media will see it.

9. Horizontal, But Your Friends Intentionally Look Like Monsters So You Can Look Better In Comparison

When you're having an off day, just enlist your friends to look really grotesque in the foreground of your Boomerang. Even if you're feeling like you're just looking "OK" IRL, you'll suddenly look like Gigi Hadid in comparison.

10. Horizontal And Zooming In On Your Favorite Feature

Have you even gotten a drastically different haircut only to have no one notice? Same. Instead of waiting for your followers to notice your favorite feature, just blatantly point it out to them by dramatically zooming in on it. Never go unnoticed again.

11. Close Up And, "My, What Lustrous Hair You've Got"

Your hair is in your face? NP! Just look at the pesky strand quirkily and simply blow it out of your face. Who knew the cameras were rolling? You're just an average girl!

21. So Close Up That Your Haters Can See Their Reflection In Your Lip Gloss

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. But word to the wise: You're gonna want a clip-on ring light for all the close up pics. Glamour lights that clip onto your phone blast away the appearance of imperfections in extreme close-up shots, if that's what you want. I'd marry my ring light if I could.

22. Close Up, But Dat Highlight Doe

Now this is why Boomerangs are magic. Just subtly shake your head side to side and show off your glorious highlight. Seriously, do you think a photograph would capture all this magic? I think not.

23. Close Up On Both Eyes

Are you wearing glitter? Do you want to record your beauty for generations to come? Then zoom in on your eyes and just blink. So simple. So sparkly.

24. Close Up On Both Eyes With Movement

If you're wearing some magical, galaxy Pat McGrath shadow, then slightly move your head side to side while you're recording. Like, just look at the sparkly wonder. Doesn't it make you want to bang your face straight into a pile of glitter?

25. Close Up On One Eye

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then they better be fantastically decorated at all times, in my opinion. Seriously, there's no better way to capture the glimmering goodness.

Bonus: Blow A Raspberry

Because nothing is more flattering than blowing a raspberry.

So next time you're taking a Boomerang, just keep these easy tips and tricks in mind. And maybe, just maybe, you can look just as glam and as vain as me.