Apple's New Website Teaches Us How To Take Perfect Selfies, Because Priorities

Aila Images

Taking the perfect selfie is a a true art form, and we've all experienced a malfunction throughout the tedious process at one point or another.

Whether you've taken a selfie that's too blurry or a selfie that's too bright, we can all agree that snapping an Instagram-worthy photo of yourself is tough.

Thankfully, Apple understands the struggle.

The company launched a website on Thursday that explains how to properly use the iPhone 7 camera, and our selfie-taking troubles are about to come to an end.

The convenient new site called "How to shoot on iPhone 7" provides simple video tutorials that explain how to use functions on the camera that you might've been confused about, like "how to capture a unique angle" and "how to shoot a backlit subject."

Most importantly, it teaches us how to take the perfect selfie.

Thankfully, Apple provided us with various different ways how to snap the perfect picture of ourselves, so listen up.

One of the videos shows iPhone users how to shoot a selfie with a timer. Personally, I find this one the most effective because I use the technique quite often.

All you need to do is switch your phone to the front-facing camera, "steady" your camera, set the timer, press the shutter button and pose.

Say "CHEESE" to yourself and snap the photo without your hands.


The new website also shows users how to properly take a one-handed selfie, which includes opening the front-facing camera and pressing the volume button to easily snap the pic.

(But you should probably already know how to do this by now.)

Last but not least, Apple shows us how to edit your selfie with the iPhone 7 camera.

In case you aren't savvy of Instagram editing tools, Apple walks you through the simple process of cropping your picture and tapping the "auto enhance" tool.

Voila! You have a gorgeous selfie at hand.

Next time you're trying to take the perfect selfie, visit Apple's new website. You'll be the selfie queen of your Instagram feed in no time.

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