10 Women Reveal How They Know Their Partners Love Them, & I’m Melting

It’s always really nice to hear the words "I love you" from someone you love in return. But even better than words are actions. To me, if you're wondering how to know if your partner loves you, the answer is to look at how they treat you.

For me, the moment I knew for sure that my partner loves me was deeply unsexy. It happened when they took care of me when I was sick — like super sick. I had the worst flu of my life. My temperature was over 104 degrees, and I was looking like a mucus production factory. For weeks, I was stuck in bed — wheezing, coughing, delirious — and I'm pretty confident that I smelled horrendous. I was basically a biological hazard waste zone, but through all of it, they took care of me — keeping me hydrated, disposing of the mountains of used tissues I was producing, and joking with me and cheering me up even while pushing me in a wheelchair when I, eventually, ended up going to the hospital. I was a disaster, but they never made me feel like one. I was terrified, but they made sure I never felt alone. That was it. Seeing how they stuck with me through the worst illness of my life, that was the moment I really knew they loved me. Sometimes, the most romantic moments are literally the least romantic.

But hey, everyone has their own unique love story, and every couple has their own way of showing their love. The women of Reddit, who shared how they knew their SO loved them, had their own unique experiences too, and honestly, these stories are going to make your heart melt.

The Cuddle Alarm Clock
We work opposite shifts. I wake up at 5, he goes to bed around that time.
He always has coffee made and a clean uniform sitting out for me. He wakes me up with cuddles so I don't have to hear the god awful alarm.
He sends me pictures of our cats when I'm working a long shift, and he always saves me half his candy. I'm lucky.


Going Full Koala
I went to work for a couple of hours this morning and came home. He was still in bed so I climbed in with him.
He immediately rolled over, pulled me close with both arms, and fell right back to sleep. Full on koala'd.
We can be sitting on the couch or laying in bed and it's never long before I hear "you're not close enough to me" or "closer please." It's like no matter what I do I'm never near enough to him and it's too cute. I think he's pretty fond of me.


Sleepy Lovin’
He's always happy to see me when he gets home from work. He hugs and kisses me very often. He tells me he loves me all the time. If he's asleep and I put my hand on his arm and say, "I love you..." He smiles in his sleep and mumbles "I love you". He REALLY loves me when he's had a few drinks


Holding Hands
We have a nightly routine of telling each other goodnight. He never goes to bed without saying it. We always fall asleep holding hands. He always finds a way to touch me. He genuinely listens to me about how I feel and respects me.


Bedside Man-ner
He's stuck with me through years of chronic illness. We've had to cancel vacations, change a lot of plans, and put dreams of children on hold. Yet he's still happy to see me every day, even when I'm bedridden and feeling disgusting.


A Good Listener
He brushes my hair. And he remembers everything I say. Sometimes I look over and he's just staring at me, smiling with a face full of love.


Love On A Roll
He makes me sushi. And even though he does all the work, prep, cook and make he still lets me have the first roll. I will never leave him.


I just know it when I see how he looks at me, how he touches me and how he treats me in the presence of his friends or others :)


It’s The Quiet Moments
Sometimes when I say something particularly silly, smart, or funny he shakes his head, smiles and says 'I love you' quietly.


The Purrito (I’m Dying!)
He tucks me in at night and makes me purr and tells me I am his purrito.
He hangs out with me and helps me while I cook us dinner even though I know he'd rather be gaming. And he always says what I cook is good even when I think it sucks.
He humors me... whenever we go to a zoo I make him stand in one of those animals with a face cut out and let me take a picture.
He gets genuinely excited about things and shares them with me.
He tells me. He tells me constantly. And I can just see it in the way he looks at me. I can feel it in the way he holds my hand.


I’m not crying, you’re crying. But seriously, though, forget the romantic comedies — these are the real love stories. Find yourself a partner that makes you feel this loved. You deserve nothing less.

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