Sephora Wants You To Join Their #SephoraSquad As An Influencer, So Here's How You Can Apply

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Calling all makeup and skincare lovers! Have you ever wanted to share your love for beauty with the masses? Your favorite retailer is giving you the chance to do just that, and trust me, it's a big deal. If you're wondering how to join the #SephoraSquad as an "influencer" — because yes, this is a thing you'll be able to do now — here are all of the details you need to know. Essentially, Sephora will be hosting an open call for real people, just like you and me, to join its #SephoraSquad as influencers who can help push exciting initiatives from Sephora forward, just like the influencers you've come to know do. If working with the company has ever been a dream of yours, this is your chance to jump at it.

"It’s always been Sephora’s goal to cultivate an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. So, it’s natural that in building their first large scale influencer program they wanted to make sure their collaborators are inclusive of all their wonderful clients," reads a statement from the brand. "The #SephoraSquad is an amplification of the community of voices, perspectives and experiences. A reflection of Sephora’s own clients, their Beauty Insider Community and the beauty + wellness community as a whole."

Basically, those selected to serve as a member of the #SephoraSquad will help support Sephora initiatives, including animations, campaigns, exclusive brand and product launches, events, and more, throughout the year by promoting content on their personal platforms. Those chosen will have the opportunity for Sephora to cross-promote such content on their own channels. This seems like an incredible way for the selected influencers to seriously jack up their visibility with a brand they love. (Sephora has 16.7 million followers on Instagram alone.)

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So, how does one apply to join the #SephoraSquad? The open call will officially launch on Wednesday, Feb. 13, at 9 a.m. ET at this link. After you've arrived to the landing page once it's live, you'll be asked to follow three easy steps. First, you'll connect your Instagram account by clicking the "Apply" button and syncing your account by following the instructions. You'll then be prompted to submit an easy, 10-minute application. Finally, and this is the trickiest part, you'll be asked to encourage your followers to leave testimonials for you on webpage that Sephora will craft just for you. You'll really want to rally up all the support from your friends, family, and followers on this one, so Sephora can see just how much you impact your community.

In these testimonials, ask your community to vouch for you by talking about your love for beauty, how you've personally impacted them, and how you seek to use your voice for important causes or messages. If you're skeptical about applying because you think "influencer" only means someone with a million followers and a perfectly curated feed, don't. Sephora maintains that "there isn’t one type of 'influencer'" they're after. Rather, they're hoping to pull together a squad of diverse personalities, experiences, genders, races, and people in general. Basically, if you have an Instagram account and you live and breathe beauty, you should apply.

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Once submissions are closed, the waiting game begins, as a panel will review all the applications, testimonials, and content of the applicants. Then, the winners will be chosen.

So, what are you waiting for? Come Feb. 13 at 9 a.m., apply here. This is an opportunity not only to partner with one of the leading forces in beauty, but also to have your voice heard by a huge group of people. It's a way to seriously jumpstart your career and footprint in the beauty space in a loud and meaningful way. And if you're chosen, the company you'll be in will likely be #SquadGoals for real.