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How To Get A Trendmood Box, AKA The Next Big Thing In Beauty Box Subscriptions

There are beauty influencers, and then there are beauty news influencers — OK, there's really only one big name in the latter category, and Sophie Shab of the Trendmood account is it. If you're already following, you're no doubt a fan of Shab's positivity-filled posts reporting all the latest in the beauty world, from new collections to sneak peaks and leaks. This week, Shab spilled some tea on her own special project, and if you're wondering how to get a Trendmood Box, you've come to the right place.

Wait, you're not following Shab's @Trendmood1 account on Instagram? Queen, get on it! With over 1.4 million followers and counting, thge account is hailed by many in the beauty community as the go-to in-the-know source for any and all breaking beauty news. Shab herself has become a beauty guru in her own right, even teaming up with drugstore brand Milani to create a curated collection back in August. Now, Shab is launching something of her own, which she describes as "very limited" in an announcement post on the @Trendmood1 page. OMG, I'm listening!

Are you ready for this??!! 💜🙀 I’m so excited to announce the launch of our OFFICIAL #TrendmoodBox !!!" she wrote:

"Each box will be different with a mix of the HOTTEST 🔥 in makeup and beauty that can include #SneakPeeks of never released products, products from our favorite brands, special launches, accessories, and more!" wrote Shab, adding that the mix of items would allowed for "Unlimited possibilities for a fun box." OMG, this is big news, people!

Shab has become a well-known figure in the beauty community (Here she is next to Lady freaking Gaga!), so she definitely has the connections to make a bomb box a reality:

"I want to do so many things but this baby is on the top of my list!," raved Shab in the lengthy caption accompanying the announcement post. "Staying true to Trendmood and listening to what our community wants is very important to me," she insisted, adding, "I hope you are ready for this ride."

No specifics have been released in terms of what brands we can expect in the box, but seeing as Shab just collabed with Milani, I guarantee they'll make an appearance:

Shab promotes all kinds of brands, from drugstore to luxury to influencer-led and indie lines. Her love for makeup and the beauty industry is palpable in every single post, so it's exciting to see her expand her portfolio and go from covering new releases to releasing something of her own. Congrats, Sophie! Now, I bet you're wondering how to snag a box for yourself? You can't guarantee a delivery just yet, but you can sign up to join the waitlist and be one of the first to know when the box launches. There will be a super limited number of boxes available, so you def want to be notified. Until then, be sure to follow @Trendmood1 as well as the account for more updates and details. I can hardly wait!