5 Ways To Secure As Many Kisses On New Year's As Possible To Ring In 2018 Right

I love New Year’s Eve. It's our annual excuse to go full glam, let our inhibitions go, and party like it’s the end of the world. One of the best New Year’s traditions has to be the midnight kiss — that moment where all the walls of inhibition drop and we celebrate humanity in one, giant, culturally-approved, orgiastic make-out session. But what if one kiss isn't enough? What if you want all of the kisses? Well, it starts with honing your skills in terms of how to get a kiss on New Year's, and then putting them all to werk.

The good news is that pretty much everyone else has the same idea in mind if they are single (or looking for an excuse to get some extra-curricular smooching in), so finding willing parties to lock lips with a stranger with reckless abandon should not present any kind of problem. It also doesn't hurt that everyone is probably about three drinks deep at any given moment. In other words, conditions are prime for making out. So pick one of the following strategies, put your game face on, and grab some breath mints and an extra tube of chapstick, because we’re about to do this. Goodbye 2017, and hello everyone else's mouth!

1. Organize A Game Of Spin The Bottle

Wanna rack up some holiday smooches? Do it like you did back in junior high. Grab a bottle and get to spinning, because nothing puts points on the board like a good old game of Spin the Bottle. This may not work at a club, but if you are at a house party, it’s the perfect setting to bring back a classic. And since everyone else is buzzin' and probably on the hunt for their midnight kiss, they will be down and appreciative of your make-out initiative.

2. Get Started Early

Who says your New Year’s Eve kisses have to be at midnight? If you really want to get all the kisses tonight, you better start racking up some smooches early. If you're at a club and the setting is not right for spin the bottle or truth or dare, just start making the rounds. Whomever makes meaningful eye contact gets a kiss. By midnight, you will be the queen of kisses.

3. Wear Something That Says “Kiss Me” — Literally

If your New Year’s resolution is to be bolder and demand what you want, why wait until Jan. 1 to get started? Spell out what you’re looking for literally on a shirt or accessories that put it all out there. I mean, sometimes, subtly doesn't work, especially in a large loud crowd, so don’t be afraid to put some fonts to work. You can be confident, if you put it out there, that you will have plenty of takers. However, they may not all be whom you want, so employ this tactic cautiously.

4. Set Up A “Free Kisses” Booth

If you are really on a mission, maybe just go ahead and set up shop. I promise you, business will be booming; however, you will always be that girl who set up a "free kisses" booth. But hey, own that title, because who got all the kisses? You did.

5. Opt For Quality Over Quantity

OK, let's be real here: When it comes to kissing, it's always quality over quantity. So maybe instead of locking mouths with every person you see, pick someone you'd really like to kiss, whether that’s someone you've wanted to kiss for a while or someone you've just met. Early on, do a little recon, get an early flirt in to test the waters, and then, go about your business. As midnight approaches, grab a drink to steady your nerves, and then, slowly make your way near them so that you are strategically located. As the countdown begins, make eye contact to test the waters. Confidence is sexy, and you've got the holiday tradition as cover, so just go for it.

And that, folks, is how you kiss goodbye to 2017 in style.

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