9 Other Things To Kiss If You Don't Have A Bae To Make Out With On New Year's Eve

With New Year's Eve quickly approaching, it's never too early to start nailing down your plans. For everyone out there who will be taking on the night without a bae, you've likely found yourself wondering what will I kiss come midnight? Well, the good news is, if you're trying to come up with things to kiss on New Year's Eve, you've got a pretty long list of things to choose from, surprisingly.

It can be easy to forget about all of the amazing things that we've got going on in our lives when faced with the NYE blues. Even the most confident and freedom-loving singles run the risk of slipping into a rut. Despite the glasses clinking and the smiles all around, inside, perhaps you can't help but feel a bit lonesome. At times like these, it's never a bad idea to take some a moment to appreciate the things that you do have. Friends, family, maybe even a beloved furry friend who always puts a smile on your face. So don't worry if you don't have a significant other, because here are 10 other things to kiss on NYE instead.

1. Yourself

Self-care is important, yo. In a world that often feels like it's on the brink of destruction — which, honestly, what did we expect, considering the leader of the free world is legit a Cheeto, and not even a Flamin' Hot one — somehow, you've managed to live to see another year, and that's certainly something that warrants a smooch. So make like a sixth grader, give yourself a shoulder hickey in the bathroom, and tell your friends a hot stranger did it. I guarantee they'll probably be way too drunk to recall the convo later, so... NBD.

2. A Bottle Of Bubbly

NYE is the best excuse to go on a champagne-campaign. We need to take to the streets and pop them bottles.

Once the moment is right, your eyes will meet from across the crowded club. With a surge of confidence, you'll make your way over to the bar where the shapely bottle is waiting. Then, you'll decide to go in for the kill. Ideally, this should all be happening with "Champagne Kisses" playing in the background for maximum drama.

3. 2017 Goodbye

Let's be honest: It's been a real ripper of a year. But lucky for us, it's almost over. At midnight, it'll be out with the old and in with the new, peeps. So kiss 2017 goodbye at midnight and rest assured the year is dead.

4. Your BFF

Friends are one of the only things that make life worth living. This past year, you and your BFF have likely laughed together, cried together, and probably gave each other a ton of unsolicited advice. If you're really close, then they may have even lent you some clean underwear after an impromptu sleepover. That bestie deserves a big, sloppy, you're-my-number-one kiss.

5. Your Pet

Specifically, kiss your pet's nose. Sometimes, it's cold and wet; sometimes, it's warm and clammy. Either way, pet noses are the bomb dot com. That poor creature has essentially been forced to bare witness to your best and worst moments, and they've been there for you through it all. They deserve all the love they can get.

6. A Bald Man's Head

Want to ensure that 2018 is better than 2017? You're definitely gonna need some luck, so keep your eyes peeled for a balding bae. Apparently, there's a weird superstition that kissing a bald man's head will give you good luck. Although there's no reason to believe that's true, with the sh*t storm that was 2017, you can never be too careful.

7. A Stranger

If you are lucky enough to do the impossible and find a gorgeous stranger on NYE who appears to be without a date, then congratulations, the dating gods have heard your prayers. Don't let this opportunity slip away. When the time is right — somewhere between hello and goodnight — lay a consensual one on 'em.

8. A Late-Night Snack

With all that partying you'll be doing on NYE, you are definitely going to need some drunk food. As the night starts to wind down, and you're ushering in 2018, take a moment and lightly kiss the delicious snack next to you.

9. Your Ex — Maybe

OK, OK, usually, I encourage leaving the past in the past. But if the opportunity presents itself and there are few, if any, more promising options, then kissing an ex who didn't do you dirty on NYE is forgivable. You can just blame in on the alcohol, and then, disappear into the night.

Regardless of what shenanigans you find yourself participating in this NYE, make sure you put that pout to work. Even if you don't have a bae, there are still a ton of things in your life that likely deserve some lovin'.

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