This Company Will Pay For Your First-Time Passport, So Book That Dream Vacation Now

by Collette Reitz

You already know that the most important travel document you'll need for a vacation abroad is your passport. Unfortunately, passports come with a steep price tag for first-time applicants. Don't empty your piggy bank just yet, though, because one company is helping first-time international travelers with their passport costs. Here's how to get a free passport from Contiki to help make your first trip abroad so much more affordable.

In an effort to help wanderlust millennials check off destinations from their travel bucket lists, Contiki covers the cost of the one thing you'll definitely need to get your adventures started: a passport. First-time passport applicants who are U.S. residents between the ages of 18-35 are eligible for this newly-implemented free passport deal when they book their first international trip with Contiki. In an email to Elite Daily, a Contiki spokesperson shared information about the deal along with a statement from Adam Cooper, Contiki's president, about how he believes this deal helps young travelers. Cooper said in the statement,

We think by instituting this ongoing passport policy, we will help eliminate barriers for young, first-time travelers, and encourage them to travel further and more often.

The travel company offered this deal for a limited time in 2017, but it is now a full-time policy available to first-time international travelers. Go ahead and start dreaming of the ultimate European getaway now that you know the cost of your first-time passport is deducted from the total cost of your Contiki trip.

Fotolia/Ekaterina Belova

This is also the perfect time to take advantage of the first-time passport deal because the first-time passport execution fee increased to $35 (from $25) on April 2, 2018, and a passport alone costs $110. When you book an international trip with Contiki that's at least seven days long, you'll receive a discount of $145 from the total cost of your trip. While Contiki gives you the discount equal to the price of a first-time passport, you are responsible for everything else necessary to obtain your passport, including the payment. You must also ensure that you passport details are submitted 46 days prior to travel to qualify for the Contiki first-time passport discount.

OK, now that you've gotten through the small-print details of this very cool deal, it's time to plan that vacation. Contiki has plenty of options from which to choose as you decide where in the world to explore first. To receive the first-time passport discount of $145, you must choose a trip to one of the following locations: Europe, Latin America, Canada, Asia, Australia, or New Zealand.

As you can see, you have plenty of options, but don't get too overwhelmed as you pick your next vacation spot. Contiki is a travel company that specializes in assisting millennials achieve their travel goals, and they have hundreds of preplanned trips from which to choose. One of the most popular trips on the site is Contiki's European Discovery trip that takes you to nine countries in 13 days for $2,200. Cooper elaborated on the highlights of the European Discovery. He said in an emailed statement, "Led by an expert Trip Manager, set up in a group of likeminded people, this trip ticks off nine countries and brings travelers to all of the most iconic spots in Europe."

You'll visit cities like London, Paris, Venice, and Rome on the European Discovery trip. If you'd rather immerse yourself in Eastern World culture, you can opt for a trip like Cambodia & Laos Uncovered where you'll spend nine days exploring the two countries for $1,199. If the water calls to you, then this might be your ideal first trip abroad. The description on the website reads, "Go deep into these two great countries as you get into riverside vibes, cool waterside bars, as well taking in jaw-dropping sunrises at the likes of un-missable Angkor Wat."


If you need more incentive to browse the over 300 trips available, you can take advantage of Contiki's new $75 student discount that can also be combined with the first-time passport discount. Make sure you book the trip with your student email ending in ".edu" to qualify for the discount.

It's easy to dream about all the places you'd like to visit around the world, but it can sometimes take too long to finally make that trip happen on your own. Thanks to Contiki and their #NOREGRETS motto, you can take advantage of their first-time passport deal and finally plan the international getaway you've dreamed about for years. Plus, once you're inevitably bit by the wanderlust bug after getting a taste of that globetrotter life, you'll have a paid-for passport ready to help you get wherever you want to go next.