9 Instant Fixes To Shine Some Sunshine On The Crappiest Days Ever In Your 20s

Bad days — they happens to the best of us. No matter how much self-care we try and have in our lives, or how much we surround ourselves with positive people, bad days happen. And when you're young, somehow those bad days seem extra monumental. So, knowing how to fix a bad day is a must, and it's a good thing that it's also super easy.

Depending on your personality, some people are easier to cheer up than others. If you dwell on things, sometimes it takes a whole lot to get out from under your dark cloud when you have a sh*tty day. If you are pretty easy going, you can be picked up fairly quick. But of course, everyone can get out of a rut with the right tools and mindset.

Maybe you're having trouble at work or for some reason feel super restless and unsatisfied. Or maybe your friends just aren't listening to you and are making your feel worse and worse. You also could have woken up late, put the wrong shoes on, and missed your train. Those mornings are the crappiest. Whatever it is that's putting you in a funk, just know that you're still kickin', and that means that you can face anything and get through to the other side A-okay.

Journal About It

Journaling can be just as fun as it is calming. Sometimes you just have all of these thoughts running around in your head and you need to get it all out on paper to kind of sift through what you're feeling. This is a great way to come to terms with your emotions, but it can also help you figure out how to fix it. If you can visually see what you're thinking, processing a way to feel better can be super easy.

Treat Yourself To Something You Love Eating Or Drinking

If your mood is down, feeling better can be as easy as buying your favorite non-alcoholic drink from your favorite coffee or bubble tea shop, or making your favorite food. You of course don't want to go overboard, because food really isn't going to solve your problems (and you don't want your bank account to hate you forever), but this little pick-me-up will surely brighten up your day a bit. And if your problems are kind of just stemming from a bad mood or horrible luck, this should do the trick.

Watch Your Favorite TV Show Or Movie

At the end of a really tough, long workday that made you feel like crap, just relaxing on your couch or bed feels like heaven. How can you add to that great feeling? By putting on your favorite show or film to watch.

It's nice to escape into something you love dearly and forget about what was making you sad or down. Re-watching your favorite episode of something can make you remember better times, and reciting every word to your favorite movie of all time will have you smiling in just about no time.

Read Something Fun (Or Re-Read Something You Love)

Take a break from whatever you're doing (if you can), sit in a quiet spot, and whip out your favorite book or something you've been meaning to start. Buying an emergency edition on your phone's Kindle app may also be necessary — so don't worry if you don't have a copy with you. But very much like with TV shows or movies, immersing yourself in your favorite fictional or non-fictional world is the best medicine sometimes.

Take A Walk

This may be the best option for you if you can't take a huge break from work or school, or if you just need that extra thinking time. Just walking it out helps to let your brain work, or to be totally mindless and feel your feet hit the pavement.

When you're in a bad mood or feeling horrible about whatever situation you're in, you need to do what's right for your brain to either process a solution or to kinda just restart and take a breather. Getting away from your regular space on this walk should definitely do that and give you what you need.

Vent A Little

Talking to a friend — or, again, writing it down — can definitely make you feel better. You don't want to complain too much or bog your friend down, but getting out your thoughts should make you feel a little lighter (and hopefully better).

If your problems are due to your friends (and we've all been there), talking to someone you're not super close to can even help. Of course, don't make it awkward by picking some random stranger to spill the tea, but asking advice from someone you know and trust goes a long way.

Spend Time With A Pet

Animals just have a magic quality to them that make you instantly feel better. Like this Gif? Don't tell me you didn't just smile at this Gif, because you know you did.

Google "dog compilations" or "funny cats" and the video responses are endless (and so adorable). And if you have the time, go to an animal shelter or pet store to play and spend time with some sweet dogs and cats.

Call Your Mom

You know who is your biggest fan and best advice-giver? Your mother (or mother-figure). Don't forget that you have this amazing secret weapon, because she can fix almost anything. Even if you just want to rant for a bit or cry without any real, audible dialogue, she'll understand and be there for you. Mom gives the best advice and has some extremely wise words to offer up. She's guaranteed to make you feel better.

Have A Pep Talk With Yourself

This works wonders. Take a deep breath, retreat into yourself for a few minutes, and just go over what you've accomplished and how awesome you are.

Even if you're feeling down about a specific situation, having a talk with yourself about how you'll pull through is a great way to boost your spirits. You've got this, and you are worthy of so much happiness.