How To Create Your Own Love Story & Fall Head Over Heels For Your Life Every Day

As you grow up, the pressure to be in a committed relationship might be growing. Prying relatives may be asking you a lot of questions, and as you go to more and more of your friends' weddings, you might be feeling a little excluded, wondering how to create your own love story. But even if you're not in a relationship of your own, you can still fall head over heels for your life every single day.

Indulging in your passions, putting aside time to take care of yourself, surrounding yourself with an inspiring crew, and decluttering your work area are just a few of the things you can do to help you take ownership of your life. These things can make you more productive, efficient, and most importantly, they will make you happier than you've ever been before.

Your 20s is a time in your life when you are setting the habits that you might carry through the rest of adulthood, and loving your life should always be a priority for you, no matter what your relationship status is. You can be — and should be — thriving in your own life at any point in a relationship. So, if you're looking for ways to show yourself that you love yourself endlessly, here are a few of the things you can do to prove it.

Do All The Things You're Passionate About

I personally think that the easiest way to love your life is to make your life about doing the things you love most. Life is too short for you to be stuck in a job that you're not really about, for you to not follow your dreams, or for you to not try that new thing. Make your life about doing the things that make you the happiest.

Get Rid Of Things That Don't Bring You Joy

If Marie Kondo has taught us anything, it's to get rid of things that do not "spark joy." You can declutter your life both physically and emotionally by making sure that your life is clear of things that don't make you happy anymore. Whether it's that old shirt you never wear anymore, or the old friend who doesn't have your best interests in mind, you shouldn't keep things around that don't make you happy.

Prioritize Your Close Relationships
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Something that I've learned over time is that close relationships are really important — and they take hard work to maintain. I used to be the kind of person who would somehow always lose touch with close friends. You can make your relationships more meaningful if you actively keep up with the people in your life who you value.

Surround Yourself With People Who Inspire You
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There's no better motivator than being around people who inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Your family, friends, and mentors can all be sources of inspiration for you in your personal life and career. Similarly to how you need to cut out the negativity in your life, you should also prioritize keeping people in your life who lift you up and help you achieve your goals on the daily.

Change Things Up Every Once In A While To Offer A Fresh Perspective
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Sometimes, falling into a rut just means that you're used to everything you're doing. Change can be both welcome and needed. Consider switching up your morning routine, ride your bike to work, or even moving apartments if you've been feeling uninspired.

Clean Up Your Space Regularly
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I'm one of those people who needs structure in order to function at 100 percent, and if my desk has clutter on it, it can seriously stress me out. If you've been feeling not so inspired in your office or home, maybe it's because your area is cluttered. Try to make cleaning a regular part of your schedule — I like to do it on Sundays, along with my meal prepping — so you can keep your space stress-free.

Take Self-Care Seriously
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Self-care is a real thing, and you can really make a difference in your overall mood if you make self-care a priority. It doesn't have to be all about face masks and baths — though those things are amazing. If those things aren't up your alley, try adding a diffuser to your office desk, or invest in silk pillowcases to get a better night's rest.