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8 Special Things To Do At Disneyland To Celebrate Your Anniversary

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Your anniversary is coming up, and you're on the lookout for the most romantic and fun way to celebrate. For Disney lovers, heading to the Magic Kingdom may be an obvious choice, but you're wondering exactly how to celebrate your anniversary at Disneyland. Of course, there's no right or wrong way to do Disneyland, but there are a few things you can plan to do in the park to ensure you have the best celebration with your favorite person.

At first glance, you may view Disneyland as a place for family vacations, but it can also be the perfect location for your next date night or baecation. Going on rides, eating delicious Mickey-shaped treats, and meeting your favorite characters are essential for any Disneyland day, but it's the specific choices you make that turn your typical trip into an extra special one. You just need the right guide to show you how. That's where I come in as your fairy godmother of sorts to share these eight secrets into having the best anniversary yet.

I'm a hopeless romantic who loves every happily ever after I see, so you can definitely count on me to help you find your very own fairy tale ending to another fabulous year together.

Book Dinner Reservations At The Blue Bayou
Rachel Chapman

Your anniversary wouldn't be complete without enjoying a nice dinner together. Book reservations at what I believe to be the most romantic restaurant in Disneyland, the Blue Bayou. The dining room is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, so it feels like you're eating a nice meal by the Louisiana bayou at night.

It has such a romantic feel with the lantern lights and boats floating by. If you need help choosing something to order, I highly recommend the Monte Cristo Sandwich.

Get A Caricature Drawing Together

For a funny souvenir to take home, consider getting a caricature drawing together. You can find caricature artists in New Orleans Square who can draw a Disney version of you and bae. Frame it when you get home, and it can be a nice reminder of your Disneyland anniversary together.

Cuddle Close While You Ride The Haunted Mansion

The thrill rides like Space Mountain and Big Thunder are always fun, but for a romantic Disneyland anniversary, the Haunted Mansion is perfect for cuddling close. During the holiday season, it even turns into a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed ride, so you'll get to see Jack and Sally with the Jack to your Sally.

Go Gift Shopping In The Main Street Shops
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If you and bae decided to share anniversary gifts, the stores on Main Street are great for finding just about anything you need. The Crystal Arts shop has unique glassware you can have personalized with special etchings to commemorate your anniversary. There's also the Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen if you know the way to bae's heart is something sweet.

Wear Matching Mickey Ears

For your anniversary pic in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle, matching Mickey ears are key. If you don't already have a pair, go to The Mad Hatter on Main Street to purchase whatever ears catch your eye. You could even get Mouseketeer ear hats and have them personalized with your names or anniversary date on the back.

Get Celebration Buttons To Wear Around

If you've been to the parks before, you may have noticed people wearing celebration buttons. Just like they have special birthday buttons, you can also get complimentary celebration buttons so you can write whatever you're celebrating on them.

You could also buy a button ahead of time from places such as Parkbound Buttons. I really love the Up one and the button that says, "My happy place is with you."

Take A Stroll On Pixar Pier

Pixar Pier at California Adventure is the perfect place to take a stroll. You have carnival-style games you can play to try to win each other stuffed animals. There's also a ton of delicious food to choose from like a warm, giant chocolate chip cookies from Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums. And nothing screams romance more than taking a ride on the Ferris wheel with your boo.

Watch The Fireworks In Front Of The Castle

End your anniversary date together by watching the fireworks. The best view is right in front of the castle, so you might need to camp out a little early for the perfect spot. That's totally fine, because you can have a little picnic while you wait. You can grab popcorn from one of the carts, or maybe a Mickey pretzel (or two) to share.

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