How To Ask Your Girls To Be Part Of Your Bride Tribe, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A bride tribe is made up of ladies who you seriously couldn't picture your special day without. They'll be engraved in that memory of your marriage forever, so no pressure in picking your bridal party. Once you've figured out who you want, though, you might be stumped on how you can ask one of your favorite ladies to join in for the ride of your life. Deciding how to ask your friends to be bridesmaids can be depicted by what your zodiac sign is.

It might seem strange, but those qualities attributed to the time you were born, can definitely give you guidance in a way that speaks most to your personality. I mean, you don't want to act all brand new with your friends or anything, so sticking with a route that says what you're all about will be so much more sincere. Besides, they'll catch on if you're not being yourself.

Don't for one second think that your girls are expecting a hot air balloon with their name on it or anything. They are going to be super grateful and ecstatic no matter what way you decide to ask them. But if you're still confused on how to play the messenger for such a sweet request, look for a little guidance from your zodiac sign.

Aries: Ask Them During A Game Night

You already know how competitively fun and energetic you get during game night, Aries. You'll be in high spirits. Inviting all of your girls and asking them the big question during a hilarious game of charades will have everyone almost as lit as you.

Taurus: Fill Them Up With A Homemade Dinner, And Then With Joy

Fixing your girls a delicious dinner and then asking them to be part of your bride tribe will be such a sweet gesture, Taurus. Yeah, it's for your special day, but you definitely want to let them know they're exceptional. Food is the way to the heart, and you are about to pump theirs full of excitement.

Gemini: Give Them Handwritten Notes

Affection is one thing you can't live without, Gemini. Handwritten notes are so sincere, and the message on these letters is going to be even more heartfelt. Send them out or deliver them yourself. Either way, expect all of the waterworks.

Cancer: Draw It In The Sand During A Day At The Beach

Forget digging for lost treasure, because you already have your gems, Cancer. Gathering all of your main ladies at the beach and revealing your message in the sand will be so memorable. The shoreline is your playground, and it'll be the perfect backdrop for some pictures afterwards.

Leo: Literally Pop The Question With Balloons Filled With Your Question

It's time to bring on all of the dramatics, Leo. Sending each of your ladies a balloon that they literally have to pop is going to have them on edge. Once they see your question that's inside, they'll know it was all worth it.

Virgo: A Campfire And S'mores Should Set The Tone

Being out in nature will ease the nervousness of asking that burning question, Virgo. You'll be in your element. Those s'mores are about to come second to being the sweetest thing about those moments.

Libra: Sip And Pour Your Heart Out Over Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch already summons all of those good vibes you'll need, Libra. Raise your mimosa glass proudly, and instead of toasting to a prosperous week, pop the question. Hold tight to your glass, though, because you're about to be bombarded with lots of love.

Scorpio: Give Them Each A Fortune Cookie With Your Question Inside

Your future is about to be heading down the aisle, and now it's time to seal the deal with the ladies you want by your side, Scorpio. Cute fortune cookies will be something new and sweet. Just make sure each of you ladies reads the message before they chow down on the cookies.

Sagittarius: Send Them On A Mini Scavenger Hunt

Asking your favorite ladies to be your bridesmaids is all in good fun, Sagittarius. Join them on your scavenger hunt, but make them think you guys are searching for something totally different. Once all of the pieces come together, they'll be so shocked and happy.

Capricorn: Surprise Each One Of Them At Work

You the world doesn't stop because you have a question, Capricorn. Catching your ladies in their workplace with big news will be the highlight of their work week. They won't stop smiling for the rest of their shift.

Aquarius: Spill The Beans Over A Spa Day

A well-deserved spa day will have all of your bridesmaids feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Just make sure no one has wet toes or hands — because the excitement is sure to ruin a mani and pedi real quick.

Pisces: Make A Video Of Everything You've Been Through Together So Far

It's time to bring on the creativity, Pisces. A visual of what you and your favorite ladies have been through together as friends so far is the perfect lead-up to your question. It'll open the next new chapter you all get to experience together.

Your bride tribe is a special group of ladies who are going to help turn your big day into the dream you've been envisioning. Asking them to be part of your wedding should be just as sweet.