This Company Is Hiring Professional Chocolate Tasters & You Need To Apply ASAP

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Many of us grew up aspiring to be anything from astronauts, to ninjas, to even cowboys. I, personally, wanted to grow up to be a puppy (and I'm not really sure how I got so attached to that idea). But imagine attaining a more reachable version of your dream job, like, say, becoming a professional chocolate taster. Well, it turns out there's a new job opening at Mondelez International, and you can actually apply to be a chocolate taster for Cadbury (yes, you read that correctly, it's totally a real thing... I promise).

Mondelez International is the famous parent company that owns a bunch of our favorite sweets brands, including Oreos and Cadbury chocolate. And along with representing a lot of really delicious treats, Mondelez also happens to be blessing us with this job opportunity of a lifetime. The pressure's on, though, because they're only looking to fill four spots. You can apply to positions like the Chocolate & Cocoa Beverage Taster and the Chocolate Taster. To do so, just log onto the jobs section of their website and search "taster." Then, one position for the Chocolate & Cocoa Beverage Taster will appear, along with three positions for the Chocolate Taster position.

Per Travel + Leisure, Mondelez International received over 1,000 applications in just one day the last time they opened a taste tester position, so stakes are high. They're only taking applications through Feb. 16, so don't take your "sweet" time.

Per the job description, each employee will be required to pack up everything and live in the UK... so grab your Visas and your passports. The job is part time, and will require employees to work up to seven and a half to eight hours each week, depending on the role. So, you'll basically have the rest of the week to explore Great Britain, and to also probably eat copious amounts of chocolate.

Based on the job description for Chocolate Tasters, new hires will take on the duty of tasting new products, and reporting back with objective and honest feedback to describe each individual product tasted. If you end up snagging the job, you'll truly be getting paid to eat chocolate, and there's kind of no downside to it.

So in addition to having an affinity for sweets, it's probably important to read up on chocolate, and acquire some hardcore choco-knowledge. Not only will you have to work with others to reach an agreement on the chocolates' taste, but you'll also have to describe the taste in relatively knowledgable detail (they'll train you on specific vocabulary, don't worry).

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Maybe you're more passionate about traveling than you are about chocolate... in which case, apply to a paid job that'll cure the travel bug. You can become anything from a brand ambassador, a study abroad trip coordinator, a cruise event coordinator, a retreat leader, or an adventure trip leader. There are so many rad ways you can get paid while traveling, and its 100 percent worth while if you're in constant need of a change in scenery.

So if you're one of many who have an undying passion for chocolate, then becoming a chocolate taste tester truly sounds like the job of your dreams. Maybe you're more of a traveler, in which case, there are many opportunities to satiate that craving as well. Either way, I'm really starting to think no dream job is impossible to snag... unless of course your dream is to become a puppy.

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