8 People Reveal How They Said "I Love You" For The First Time, & Ugh, My Heart

Letting someone know that you're into them can be one of the scariest experiences ever. And of course, "into them" is a euphemism for when those love juices are coming on so strong, you legit can't get someone off your mind. Saying "I love you" is a huge step, but unsurprisingly, how people said “I love you," varies wildly, because every relationship is unique. Some people want to make an occasion of it, and others prefer the moment to be more casual and spontaneous. If you're a planner who waits months for the perfect moment, or if you're the type who will spring it on 'em out of nowhere — there's nothing like the thrilling emotions that come with finally being able to tell someone that you're totally crazy about them.

And while putting yourself out there is most definitely a risk, if you ask me, it's almost always worth taking. Because in the end, even if they don't say it back or aren't feeling the same way, the ability to be vulnerable is such a valuable quality.

Plus, most of us can afford to take a few more calculated risks! Whether that means finally telling your crush of forever how you feel, or applying for your dream job even if your work experience isn't where you feel like it should be. Life is short people! So, in the spirit of taking a leap of faith, here are eight people's experiences of professing their love.

Despite All The Planning, Sometimes It Just Slips Out
It was valentines day dinner and I had honestly been wanting to tell her for a while but didn't want to make things weird. I fully intended to tell her that night, but before I could she made me laugh and I just said "Hahah I fucking love you" totally organically. I was just laughing really hard and that's what came out. Luckily, she felt the same way. Her face lit up and she reciprocated.


Sometimes You Just Can't Hold It In Any Longer
Came to a point in the relationship when I was just so much in love with him, I couldn't not tell him. I didn't think it would mess things up, but I wasn't necessarily expecting him to reciprocate right away, and that didn't bother me. It just needed to be said.We were in bed, not cuddling or anything just getting comfortable, ready to go to sleep, and I said it.


Sometimes It's A Perfectly Timed Accident
I said it to my current wife first. Well sorta. It was kind of by accident and I actually caught myself halfway through the word so it came out like "I lllloooo-oops." She thought it was hilarious. After she stopped laughing we said it for real and now we're still going strong 14 years later. Glad to have let that one slip out.


Sometime It's Poetic AF
A few months ago we were sitting in her room after not seeing each other for a few weeks. She was sitting on my lap and we were holding each other. Something in me just caught on fire and I grabbed her face and asked “is this what falling for someone feels like?” She responded “I think so,” with a huge smile on her face.


Sometimes You're So Nervous You Hope They Didn't Hear It
I said it to my now fiance first. We were sitting on the floor with me behind him, and while I was telling him how much of a goofball he is "I love you" came out of my mouth. It was really quiet, so I was hoping he didn't hear it. He didn't say anything about it until the next morning. He snuggled up to me and said "I love you too" in my ear. Definitely a memory I'll never forget.


Sometimes You've Got A Plan
We had known each other for 1.5 years, and we had been dating (kind of, we didn't make it official but we both knew we wanted to be together) for about a month. He had said he loved me before (he had feelings for me since a few months after we met), but I was scared to say it back, since I had never said it in a romantic capacity to anyone before. Since I knew I would get awkward with just coming out and saying it I decided to get creative. My family was on vacation at Myrtle Beach at the time, and I had some time to myself on the beach. I collected a ton of the best seashells, and made a heart with our initials in it and took a picture of it. Then, I took those seashells and used them to write "I love you" and again took a picture. Finally, I used the seashells to write a romantic quote from one of his favorite songs. When he got off work that night, I got on Skype with him and sent him all the pictures. Then I told him I loved him out loud <3


Sometimes You Know From The Start
My boyfriend and I weren't together long before we said "I love you" to each other. Honestly, it was like a week or two in, lmao. We were talking on Skype and it was 3 AM. We spend every day and night just talking to each other, so this was no different. I said something funny and he laughed and said "Oh my God, I love you." To which I replied "You love me?" In a shocked/excited tone. He genuinely told me "Yeah, I do. I love you." I knew before this moment that I already loved him, but had never said it because I thought he would think I was moving too fast. After I told him I loved him, we just kept saying it to each other for a few minutes, lol. It was super quick, but fast forward almost a year later, we are still very much in love, if not even more so.


Sometimes Liquid Courage Gives You The Confidence You Needed
Said it at a concert after a few overpriced drinks. Got pretty buzzed and it kinda slipped out. Had an internal sobering "oh shit" moment after I said it. I was never used to having some one do nice things for me like she did. We had been together for a few weeks when she surprised me with Rob Zombie tickets. She seemed like she was caught off guard, but she said it back to my relief.


As cheesy as it sounds, falling in love is one of the most powerful experiences a person can have. And even though it doesn't always work out, it's still worth the risk if it means letting the people we care about know how we feel.

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