If You’re A Scorpio, You Could Feel The Pink Moon In A Major Way

The lunar cycle is a reliable source of rejuvenation, culmination, and relief. No matter how dull or difficult life might get, there's always a full moon to look forward to. Each one is unique in its power, affecting us all in its own mysterious way. There's nothing like enjoying a moment alone with the full moon, staring up at its glowing brilliance on a clear night. On April 29, 2018, not only will we experience a Pink Moon, it will also occur in Scorpio. This is one of the most intense and passionate signs in all the zodiac, instilling fear and admiration in all who bear witness to its power. How the Pink Moon will affect Scorpios in particular is cause for some serious exaltation.

If you're not sure what a Pink Moon is, it's what Native Americans dubbed the full moon that occurs every April. Each full moon is granted a specific name that conjures memories of the time of year in which it takes place. Since April is the month of freshly blooming flowers, color seeping back into our world, and the healing qualities of spring, pink is naturally the first color that comes to mind. Unfortunately, though, the Pink Moon will not suffuse our sky with blushing hues. However, its affect on Scorpios will most certainly be rosy.

An Emotional Connection To Their World

In astrology, the moon is always associated with the feminine realm, shining a light on your inner world and revealing the secrets of your subconscious. Since the Pink Moon will be in Scorpio, those born under this sign will feel incredibly in touch with their emotions. Scorpios are always at their strongest when they feel a deep connection with their core. It's when they're swayed by superficial concerns that a Scorpio is depleted of all their vitality. A full moon in Scorpio will infuse their intuition with substance and spread meaning throughout their soul.

This moon occurs while Pluto, their ruling planet, is in in retrograde. This further magnifies the tiniest details within their subconscious. The Pink Moon will bring to light all the hidden gems a Scorpio has been overlooking, as well as zone in on all the murky confusions that have been weighing them down.

Lightning-Bolt Epiphanies About Their Life

Since a full moon always absorbs light from the sun, the connection between the powers produced by both celestial bodies is vital. This Pink Moon occurs while the sun is in Taurus, the sign opposite Scorpio. An opposite sign reveals qualities and characteristics that may be missing from the zodiac sign in question. While a Scorpio is spiritual, emotional, and intuitive, a Taurus is materialistic, productive, stable, and logical. In essence, these two zodiac signs complete each other; leaning too much toward one end of this spectrum will produce imbalance. The fact that the sun and moon will occur in opposite signs creates epic harmony for a Scorpio.

It is during this harmonious state that a Scorpio will understand what must be done in order to fix any aspects of their life that need mending. An epiphany may strike them like an arrow full of electricity, propelling them to make meaningful changes in their life.

Power That Sprouts From Deep Within

Because this Pink Moon will sextile Saturn, ruler of discipline and hard work, its effect on a Scorpio's soul will feel permanent. It can be easy to fool yourself into going through the motions, crossing things off a to-do list without any passion for the end goal. During this Pink Moon, a Scorpio will feel energized with purpose. The link between a Scorpio's intuition and their mind will be strengthened, allowing their actions to have a much more poignant effect on their world from this day forward.

Scorpios typically loathe doing things that they don't believe in. A fixed sign by nature, they reject ideas and beliefs that don't make sense to them, and they resent having to pretend to be something they're not. Under the Pink Moon that bears their name, they won't have to. They'll be able to see the big picture, and therefore, feel motivated from deep within their bones. A Scorpio can use this Pink Moon to make necessary changes to their emotional state of being, creating happiness that's sure to thrive long past this special lunar phase.