The November New Moon In Scorpio Will Affect Your Relationships For Better Or Worse

When a new moon takes place in a sensitive, heart-wrenching, and passionate water sign like Scorpio, you know we're all gonna have a case of the feels. Although Scorpio is infamous for its darker qualities, people often forget how wonderfully loving this zodiac sign can be. There's no loyalty like a Scorpio's loyalty. There's no affection quite as tender as a Scorpio's affection. They'll go to hell and back for someone they love, and just wait until you see how the November 2018 new moon will affect relationships on Nov. 7.

Of course, let's not forget the deep well of emotion shimmering just beneath a Scorpio's surface. Despite how sweet Scorpio's energy can be, their sting is often lethal. Because the new moon is a moment in which you're meant to release what no longer serves you and set a new intention to guide your light, Scorpio wants this next chapter of your life to really mean something. It doesn't want you to just slap a bandage on your relationship problems. It wants you to truly make a decision.

Remember, this zodiac sign is ruled by Pluto, god of the underworld, and reincarnation is its specialty. If you release yourself from an unhealthy relationship, remember that there's no looking back. If you make the decision to deepen the bond you share with someone, know that your love will be indelible.

Resurrect Your Perspective Of Relationships

It's easy to get locked in a relationship that doesn't fulfill your needs. You get used to a pattern, no matter how unhealthy it may be, and you forget what a truly uplifting partnership looks like.

Because this new moon will form a sextile with Pluto, the planet of resurrection, you can use this lunation to truly revolutionize your idea of what love is. Remember that a relationship is supposed to make you feel good about yourself. It's meant to inspire you and encourage you to grow. If you feel that a relationship is holding you back, possibly even causing you pain, it's time to use Scorpio's power to help you realize how much better you deserve. Make a decision to only share your secrets with the people who deserve to know you.

Let Go Of The Past And Move Forward

Of course, you may find yourself looking back on relationships from the past and missing people who are no longer in your life. This new moon forms a trine with dreamy and nostalgic Neptune, and it may have you thinking about everything that has come and gone.

However, reminiscing on the past is not necessarily a bad thing. If you're remembering beautiful memories you share with someone who's still in your life, your bond will only be strengthened. And, even if you're romanticizing a past with someone you no longer know, it can finally be your opportunity to feel thankful for the time you shared, but ready to finally forgive them and move on. Sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is acknowledge the love you'll always have for someone, even if the relationship didn't work out. Forgiveness is a form of release that liberates you from the pain of the past.

Delve Into A Deeper Level Of Intimacy

However, Neptune didn't form a watery trine with the new moon just to hand you a pair of rose-colored glasses. This connection will also flush your universe with empathy and deepen your sensitivity towards others. It will thin our barriers and open our hearts, making us all more susceptible to being vulnerable with each other. With Neptune's compassion and Pluto's depth, you can understand someone better than you ever have and feel just as understood in return.

This new moon is a beautiful time to set an intention that has to do with loving more deeply and remaining open-minded to the pain that other's are going through. Make sure you expect this same level of love in return.