The Full Moon In Gemini Will Help You Move On From Stale Relationships & Here's How

by Valerie Mesa

There's a powerful full moon headed our way, and chances are, you can already feel the energy shifting, especially women, as we are daughters of the moon. However, before I reveal how the full moon in Gemini 2018 will affect your relationships, let's talk about the overall meaning of the full moon, as well as the astrological aspects that will be taking place during this extra complex lunation. For the record, one of the things that stick out the most for me, in regards to this full moon, is the fact that its planetary ruler Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius. Let that sink in for a moment.

Remember, when there's a full moon, the sun is opposing the moon. For example, which sign sits directly across Gemini in the zodiac wheel? Sagittarius, right? Same goes for Sagittarius, as Gemini is its polar opposite. Now, in astrology, the full moon is a time of harvest and culmination, but it's also a call for balance. Think about it, if the sun is in Sagittarius, then the full moon will always be in Gemini. Granted, both of these signs are completely opposite to one another, but they are also eerily similar, as they share the same astrological axis.

Anyhoo, as I previously mentioned, the full moon will be in curious Gemini, and its planetary ruler Mercury is retrograde in spontaneous Sagittarius. OK, is it just me, or does this not sound like a complicated algebra problem? TBH, I've seen plenty of astrology, and I'm obviously always stargazing, but this is complex energy, to say the very least. Then again, this is so typical of Gemini, so it's totally up to us to tackle it correctly. Plus, the sun will be conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, so it can't be that bad, right? With that being said, here's a closer look at this contradicting and oh-so-mischievous full moon.

Full Moon In 0 Degrees Gemini: Nov. 23, 2018

First thing's first: Gemini rules the mind. It's the sign of the twins, but it also represents are siblings, relatives, and immediate community. The energy of Gemini is a symbol of all that's familiar to us, let alone close enough for us to grasp. As I've previously mentioned, full moons are a time of completion, harvest, endings, in general. Now, I'm sure you're thinking, what "Gemini" situation is going to end in my life? Well, with the sun, Jupiter, and Mercury in worldly Sagittarius, this full moon is pushing us to leave all that's familiar (Gemini) behind us, in order for us to explore (Sagittarius) the unknown, and ultimately grow from our experiences. However, it's up to us to take the initiative, and expand our horizons.

How Will This Full Moon Affect Our Relationships?

Alright, what would this fellow Sagittarius do? I'll be honest, this full moon isn't so focused on relationships. Although, if there's one thing you will learn from this energy is, it's time to move on. You can't hang on to all that's familiar for the rest of your life, because the reality is, you won't grow. Sometimes growth hurts, but with lucky Jupiter on our side, I doubt it will hurt that bad. If anything, this full moon will propel you forward, and remind you to use your mind in the process. Think about it, how can you use your intellect during big changes? Is there a way for you to detach from your emotions? Gemini wants us to consider our options and think realistically, and as usual, Sagittarius wants us to explore new territory.

This Is Just The Beginning

This full moon will serve as a reminder that it is OK to start again, and never look back. The energy of Sagittarius wants to gift us with adventure, passion, and new horizons. However, the sun, Mercury, and Jupiter will be making a square to Mars in Pisces, which can make us the decision-making process a tad bit hazy, and ambiguous. My advice to you is, focus on putting your emotions and anxiety (Pisces) to the side, and focus on your future (Sagittarius) goals. On another note, Mercury retrograde will also be making a square to Neptune, so some of us might feel stuck in thought, which can make the process even more confusing.

Remember, if there's anything Pisces and Sagittarius have in common, it's the meaning of faith, and this is our moment to surrender to new beginnings. That's right, stargazers. It's your turn to embark on a new journey, whether it be through the relationship you have with yourself, or someone else. Don't be afraid to jump.