The Autumn Equinox Will Definitely Affect Libra Season & Here's What You Need To Know

Another major turning point is upon us, and if you thought that the end of summer meant that things would start winding down, you should think again. Autumn is packed with cosmic significance, and as the next seasonal transition grows nearer, its power becomes all the more clear. If you ever had any doubts about astrology, taking a closer look at how the four seasons are inextricably intertwined with the astrological progression of the year should remind you that something flawless is definitely at work. I mean, think about it: The natural cycle begins in spring, when the sun enters initiating Aries. Summer then arrives to nurture the world when the sun enters lively Leo. Fall is no different, and how the autumn equinox will affect Libra season proves it.

Announcing the beginning fall on September 22, 2018 at 9:54 p.m. EST, according to TimeAndDate, the autumn equinox not only means saying goodbye to summer. It also means embracing Libra season with open arms. Following an intricate pattern of cosmic routine, the energy from this cardinal air sign is always what colors the start of autumn with so much power. If you want to understand what this season is truly about, allow Libra to show you the way.

The Autumn Equinox Is A Moment Of Truth

Think back to where you were in the spring. Were you closing a chapter on your life? What projects were you starting? Were you having any revelations about your life? What was your state of mind? The answers to these questions will help you understand what the autumn equinox is bound to reveal.

When the vernal equinox wiped the slate of your universe clean, you planted fresh intentions like seeds after a long and cold winter. It was time to be reborn once again. Now that the autumn equinox is around the corner, those intentions have grown, thrived, and prospered. It's time to harvest these intentions and take a close look at how far you've come. Are you on the right track? Are you happy with your progress? If not, the autumn equinox is also a moment where you can redirect your path.

Libra Season Is About Finding Balance Within Yourself

The fact that the sun enters Libra at the moment when autumn begins is proof that the cosmos are poets at heart. During the autumn equinox, the day lasts just as long as the night, making balance and harmony some of the central themes of the season. Libra is symbolized by the scales, and this cardinal air sign is always weighing every option and considering every point of view. While the autumn equinox is known for rekindling the relationship between the light and the dark, Libra season is here to unify all your extremes.

Important and sometimes difficult truths float to the surface during any seasonal transition. No matter how much you may feel like repressing your feelings and hiding them from view, this season wants to help you love every part of yourself, even those parts that feel difficult to love.

Allow Libra's Energy To Help You Make The Right Decisions

There's no zodiac sign more suited for diplomacy than Libra. With its objective eye, Libra sees all things from a non-biased point of view, especially when it's operating from the highest vibration. It seeks to fix all that has been broken and bring harmony to all the discord tearing through the universe.

As you begin to make sense of this next chapter that the autumn equinox initiates, allow Libra's balancing energy to be your guide through this next journey. It's time to appreciate your darkness as much as you love your light. It's time to forgive yourself, find pride in your accomplishments, and thank yourself for surviving so much.