Why Studying Abroad Is The Best Gift You Can Give Your Early 20s

by Ciara Johnson

Your 20s is made up of some of the best years of your life. It's a time of learning and self-discovery. This decade is also the perfect time for you to enjoy the last bits of your youth before real world responsibilities pile on. Study abroad is the ultimate college experience for anyone who wants to step outside of their comfort zone and experience all that the world has to offer. Your 20s is all about trying new things, so why not immerse yourself in a completely different culture? Studying abroad changes you in the best ways in your early 20s.

Study abroad might be the best experience of your college career. It's a great opportunity for you to learn more about the world while crossing everything off of your bucket list. You'll get the chance fulfill your biggest travel dreams, and isn't that what your early 20s is all about? The idea of leaving your friends behind might seem daunting at first, but everything will be there waiting for you when you return. Studying abroad will give you a new outlook on life, which will shape you for years to come. If you don't do anything else before you graduate college, you should take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad. You wont regret it!

It Broadens Your Perspective

Study abroad will inevitably broaden your perspective. It's easy to get stuck in the bubble that is your hometown or college town. However, study abroad will force you to see the world differently. You'll meet new people, try new foods, and have completely new experiences. You'll step outside of your comfort zone and learn about different ways of living. In the end, you'll return home with a new outlook on life. You'll carry every lesson with you long after your study abroad experience has ended.

You'll Conquer Your Fears
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Leaving your comfort zone isn't easy. Fortunately, studying abroad will help you conquer your deepest fears. You might be overwhelmed once you arrive in your host country. Eventually, you'll learn to spend time alone and have fun without your friends back home. You'll learn to survive without the comforts of home, which you thought you couldn't live without at one point. You'll learn that it's never the end of world when things go wrong. Most importantly, you'll learn that conquering your fears is the key to living an extraordinary life.

You'll Discover Yourself
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It may sound cliché, but studying abroad will help you discover yourself. Everything you experience will shape you. You might be surprised to find out that some of your interests change. When challenges arise, you'll discover you're stronger than you ever thought. Your 20s is about becoming the person you want to be and there's no better way to do that than studying abroad. Don't be surprised if you're feelin' brand new when you finally go home.

You'll Learn To Embrace Change
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Studying abroad is a huge step towards embracing change. Instead of spending all four years on campus, you've decided to switch things up. It can be a big transition, but you're learning to welcome the changes that inevitably come with life's journey. Your 20s is anything but stable, and you'll learn to use this to your advantage early on. Ultimately, you'll learn how to find the beauty in new horizons instead of shying away from them.

You'll Learn That Life Is Short
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Studying abroad will remind you that life is short. Why wait until you're older to explore the world? You'll quickly learn that you deserve to enjoy all that life has to offer in this very moment.

You'll take every opportunity to have an adventure with your new friends. You'll be the first person to suggest a weekend road trip or spend a night out on the town. It won't be long before you realize that this is a rare opportunity, so seize the day. Study abroad teaches you that there's no better time than the present. YOLO, right?

Put study abroad on your college bucket list, ASAP! Thank me later.