The New Red iPhone 8 Is Gorgeous & It's Totally Worth Saving Up For

Despite popular belief, anybody can pull off a bold red. Whether they're rocking a sparkling red dress, a deep red lip, or even a vivid red bag, the bright color is eye-catching, confident, and totally radiant. If you're as into the statement color as I am, you're probably stoked about the fact that Apple released an entire (PRODUCT)RED collection — and they recently added the iPhone 8 to the list. Now, you may be wondering how much the red iPhone 8 is, and trust me, it's totally worth spending your cash on.

Back in September 2017, before the days of the highly-regarded iPhone X, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were all the rage. While the 8's initially debuted in relatively basic colors, both models are now being released in the color red in support of the highly-regarded AIDS research charity, (RED). Preorders for the new hue began on Tuesday, April 10, and they'll officially be available in all Apple stores on Friday, April 13. Get pumped, people.

Per Apple's website, the red iPhone 8 has a 4.7 inch display and comes in 64 GB for $699. The red iPhone 8 Plus, which has a 5.5 inch display, costs $799 for 64 GB. I may have to set aside a special bank account labeled "PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 8," but hey, it's totally worth it (plus, both are still far cheaper than the X). Simply justify your purchase that way, and you'll be as good as gold — er, red.


The make and aesthetic of the PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 8 is identical to that of the iPhone 8 (aside from its color, of course). The glass back, the black front, and the make of the phone is exactly the same, while adding an extra pop of color. When you buy one, you'll be donating to the charity (RED), which is a program that helps fight and spread the word about HIV and AIDS, and that's pretty awesome.

Apple and (RED) have been partnered since 2006. The organization donates money to provide testing, counseling, and treatment for those affected by the disease. In a press release, Deborah Dugan, (RED)’s CEO, said,

The more than $160 million Apple has donated in the last 11 years today equates to more than 800 million days of lifesaving ARV medication that prevents the transmission of HIV from mothers to their babies. We’re honored that Apple has dedicated its resources to our purpose, and can’t wait to see customers bring our mission to life through the purchase of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition.

There are tons of other PRODUCT(RED) items in Apple's collection, in case you aren't yet ready to buy a new iPhone. If you're past the iPhone 8 and onto the X, there's a crimson iPhone X Leather Folio for $99, and if you're still content with your iPhone 7, they actually have a cardinal-colored iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case for $99. If you're looking to jazz up your Apple Watch or Fitbit, on the other hand, there's a $49 sport band, and there's even a $199 red 32GB iPod Touch if you're still chugging along on the iPod train (holla). Maybe you're looking to make jam sessions a little more colorful, though — in which case, you can indulge on red speakers for $179.95 or red wireless Beats Solos for $299.95. Everything in the PRODUCT(RED) collection is hella cute, and TBH I'm obsessed.

The price of the PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 8 doesn't actually surpass that of the X, so snagging one is definitely in my foreseeable future. I'm eagerly awaiting their official in-store release, and in all honesty, I am way too excited for them to brighten up my bag.