Here's How Much Tati Beauty's New Blendiful Product Will Cost You

Let's hope you're still got some holiday coin saved up, because a brand-new beauty tool you're going to be obsessed with has officially dropped. Yes, I'm talking about Tati Westbrook's latest launch, and I'm here to spill all the tea, from how much the Tati Beauty Blendiful Tool costs to where to buy it before it sells out. News flash, it's DEFINITELY going to sell out, so if you're hoping to snag it, I'd set an alarm.

After a highly successful debut in October 2019, Tati Westbrook's namesake brand is back with its second product, plus a restock of its first, the Textured Neutrals Vol. 1 Palette. Westbrook's 9.6 million subscribers were more than supportive of her cosmetics brand's launch, and she's dropped hints about new products coming soon in several of her most recent videos. Finally, she's shared all the deets, and we know Tati Beauty's second drop will be the Blendiful application tool. I can hardly wait to try this baby out IRL!

It looks like a big gray powder puff, and Westbrook insists it's the secret weapon that will up your makeup game:

Tati Westbrook/YouTube

In a new YouTube video on her channel, Westbrook shared all the deets, touting the tool as an essential for blending, baking, and blurring harsh lines. The Blendiful isavailable for $18 in a set containing one full-size and one miniature, or "Baby," version. Considering one classic Beautyblender will run shoppers $20, the two-puff package is a pretty sweet deal. Both the Blendiful and a restock of the Textured Neutrals palette go live on the Tati Beauty site on January 10.

In her video, Westbrook walks fans through a myriad of ways to use the blending tool, showing options for any and all makeup routines:

TBH, Westbrook could drop any product and it would likely sell out, as she's built an incredible amount of trust with her loyal subscribers. They know she's the real deal when it comes to honest reviews, so she'd never steer them wrong or release anything that didn't meet her own personal high standards. That said, I can almost guarantee the Blendiful will be amazing, so I wouldn't hesitate to Add to Cart.