Lululemon's Selfcare Beauty Line Is Way More Affordable Than Their Leggings


By now, you've probably heard that your favorite yoga apparel brand has made it's first foray into the beauty industry with a collection of gym-to-life essentials. How much is Lululemon's Selfcare beauty line? It's way more affordable than Lululemon's wearable offerings, so get excited because you'll finally be able to drink the Kool-Aid too. What's more, each product is legitimately useful whether you lead a super active lifestyle or not, and they're made with clean formulas, because of course. Do we need yet another beauty line? Probably not. But we also don't need five pairs of $118 yoga pants, yet here we are.

The purpose of Selfcare is to provide women with products that will help you go straight from workout to whatever you've got planned after without feeling like a total mess. "Over the years, we've heard the feedback that transitioning from sweat to life isn't always easy. Lululemon has always been in the work of creating solutions for sweaty problems and our Selfcare line is an extension of that approach," said Sun Choe, Lululemon's Chief Product Officer. "Like our apparel, Lululemon Selfcare has been designed with function at its core and created to support guests pre- and post-workout."

The Selfcare collection includes a total of five product: two deodorants in different scents, a dry shampoo, a lip balm, and a face moisturizer. Ranging between $14 and $48, everything is extremely affordable — they even come in travel sizes if you want to test them out before fully committing. Take a look at the specifics of each below and shop them at Lululemon stores,, and

Dry Shampoo

Boasting a formula that's aluminum-free and non-whitening, this dry shampoo looks good in and is good for you. Post-gym hair's got nothing on you anymore — a few spritzes of this and your roots will look fresh AF.

Aloe Deodorant

Natural deodorant that actually works is a hard thing to find. This formula boasts "natural anti-stink ingredients that allow your body to sweat, without smelling like it" — do you think it'll hold up to your workout. Arriving in spray form, it'll spritz your pits with a cool blast at the very least.

Black Pepper Sandalwood

If aloe isn't your thing, try this deodorant, who boasts the same refreshing formula but comes in what sounds to be a much richer scent.

Face Moisturizer

I turn into a cherry tomato when I workout, so this moisturizer needs to be added to my gym bag! It claims that its Tri-Active formula helps reset flushed complexions back to their normal color by cleaning, calming, and hydrating skin — could this be my new miracle product?

Lip Balm

When you sweat, you're losing water from your body, which is why it's so important to stay hydrated when you workout. To help ensure your lips also remain moist and happy, there's this balm. Put it on before and after hitting the gym and your pout will be feeling good.