Glossier Play Is Finally Here & All Of The Products Are $20 & Under

Courtesy of Glossier Play

If your Instagram newsfeed is anything like mine, then it's probably filled with beauty-centric accounts that are buzzing about Glossier's new line, Glossier Play. If that's the case, then you probably already know by now that the brand-new line that launches today, March 4, is the amped-up, more colorful sister line to the otherwise minimalist beauty brand, Glossier. Well, now that you know when Glossier Play launches and how the new line differentiates from Glossier, you're probably wondering how much the Glossier Play products cost and where can you cop them?

No problem. Let me break it down for you. For starters, just like Glossier, Glossier Play will follow the direct-to-consumer sales model, meaning that all of the items in the new collection will be sold on Glossier's website. As far as the prices of the Glossier Play products go, you can look forward to spending no more than $20 for any one product. Fun, colorful, and affordable Glossier products? Count me TF in.

In the first drop of the new line, there are a total of six items — two tools and four products. The range of items includes the makeup items Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencil ($15, Glossier), Vinylic Lip High Shine Lacquer ($16, Glossier), Niteshine Highlighter Concentrate ($20, Glossier), Glitter Gelée ($14, Glossier), and the tools Blade Sharpener ($4, Glossier) and The Detailer Silicone Precision Multitool ($6, Glossier).

With a price range from $4 to $20, Glossier Play is just a little bit cheaper than the main line. For the most part, OG Glossier products cost between the $15 and $30 range — like the Haloscope Few Effect Highlighter that goes for $22 or the Perfecting Skin Tint which retails for $26.

If you're in the mood for playtime, peep below for a complete breakdown of the four makeup products from the new line:

Colorslide is a highly pigmented smooth gel pencil that comes in 14 different shades and can be used to create a precise line for defining the eye, or it can be smudged out for a smoky look. The colors range from "Stable Relationship," a moss green, to "Magic Carpet," a metallic raspberry, to "Early Girl," an eggshell blue.

Vinylic High Shine Lip Lacquer is a pigmented gloss with an impeccably shiny finish that glides on easily, thanks to the gloss' sponge applicator. Vinylic comes in six different shades ranging from "Pony," a dark taupe, to "Bank," a rich plum. Basically, if you're in need of a lacquer that is as pigmented as it is shiny, then Vinylic is right up your alley.

This liquid highlighter boasts a buildable formula that is made of crushed pearl powder for the ultimate pearlescent shine. Niteshine comes in four different shades for different glow goals — "Molten Umber," a deep bronze glaze; "Deep Copper," a metallic ochre for a golden glow; "Platinum Rose," a pink luster for a rosy sheen; and "Pale Pearl," an opalescent shimmer for a champagne gleam.

Rounding out the beauty products in the new Glossier Play line is Glitter Gelée, a pot of 3D glitter that is available in four different shades. To apply, you simply dab your finger or a brush in the pot and apply to your lids, cheeks, lips, or anywhere that could use a splash of jewel-toned shine.

With prices below $20 and dozens of eccentric shades, it's no wonder why there's so much hype surrounding the launch of Glossier Play. So if you're looking to add some more color to your look and create your own beauty playground, I'd suggest copping some of these products ASAP — they'll make the best beauty playmates.