Tati Beauty's First Palette Drops So Soon, & Here's Exactly How Much It'll Cost You

Y'all, Tati Westbrook's beauty brand is almost here, and if you don't already know how much Tati Beauty products cost, it's time to start saving up your coin. The brand's first drop will definitely be one you don't want to miss! It all goes down on launch day, aka October 25, at 10AM PST, and as a subscriber to Westbrook's YouTube channel for years now, I couldn't be more excited.

To be clear, Tati Beauty isn't Westbrook's first beauty-related brand — she launched Halo Beauty back in 2018, and the vegan, gluten, soy, sugar, and cruelty-free vitamin and supplement brand has been a hit ever since. Still, OG fans were a little bummed at the announcement, as they'd been expecting makeup from a beauty guru of Tati's rank, but fast-forward to October 2019 and I'm sure those same people are now thrilled. Tati Beauty is almost here! And the brand's very first launch, the Textured Neutrals Palette, Vol. 1, looks amazing.

Westbrook literally just announced the pricing for the palette, and I have to say, I'm impressed:

Per her Instagram caption, the Textured Neutrals Palette will retail exclusively on the Tati Beauty website for $48. Not too shabby! Given that there's 24 shades, that's basically $2 per shadow. Or, $8 per column. Or, $12 per row! Either way, it's a great deal. A quick scroll through the palettes section of Sephora's website will make clear that a pricepoint of $40-50 is standard for a palette of this size, and given that some luxury brands retail similarly-sized palettes for over $100 a pop, I'm happy to see Westbrook's launch retails for under $50. She knows she has viewers of all ages and walks of life watching her, and while the palette is by no means cheap, it's fairly accessible. Plus, the holidays are a time to splurge just a little and get yourself something nice, aka this palette.

Plus, Tati clarified via her caption that shoppers can in fact use Afterpay for their purchase, which means it can be payed off in smaller amounts over time:

We love a money-conscious queen! And I love these shades even more. All in all, the palette contains six shade columns that feature each color in four different finishes: matte, sequin, glitter, and metallic.

This could quickly become one of the most popular neutral eyeshadow palettes of all time, people:

Tati hasn't posted a ton of promotional images, but from what we've seen so far, the shadow payoff looks truly gorgeous:

Y'all, I've never been so ready to endure a stressful online launch. This palette is so worth it! And according to Tati, there's more greatness to come. "I have 30 collections already crafted out, and that's because I've had so much time to devote to my ideas of where I see this brand going," Westbrook shared in a recent YouTube video. 30 collections?! Okay y'all, it's time to create a separate savings account specifically for Tati Beauty purchases. I already know I'll want them all!