Mars In Gemini Is About To Change Up Your Sex Life This Weekend & Here's What You Need To Know

by Valerie Mesa

On Mar. 31, aggressive Mars wraps up in sensual Taurus, after almost two months of "slow and steady wins the race," and enters loquacious Gemini until May 15. Speaking of which, I'm going to reveal how Mars in Gemini 2019 might affect your sex life, according to your zodiac sign... because how could I not? I mean, I'm not trying to sound like a pervert here, but doesn't the Mars symbol alone remind you of sex? In case you haven't noticed, that arrow is fully erect, and well... you catch my drift. Also, the whole "men are from Mars, women are from Venus" mentality is getting old, but that's just me.

Mars represents all things related to aggression, drive, energy, sex, and physical expression. The warrior planet is Aries' planetary ruler, and Scorpio's ancient ruler; hence their animalistic impulses and red-hot passions. If you're familiar with Aries and Scorpio energy, you'll notice both of these signs are as similar as they are different. For instance, in my experience, Aries typically ignites the fire in a more physical way, while Scorpio's carnal instincts remain hidden. However, in the end, one thing's for sure: Nothing will ever get in their way. Period.

Now, wherever Mars is located on your natal chart, can ultimately determine your style of assertion, and the same goes for its transits. The only difference is, Mars transits affect us collectively, as opposed to your natal Mars placement, which sets an individual tone for you through your lifetime. However, given that Mars will soon be traveling through the sign of the twins, it doesn't hurt to see Gemini's house of rulership on your birth chart, as this is where Mars will soon be gifting you with a burst of energy, and enthusiasm. Although, since we're referring to curious Gemini, this transit will probably be a lot more mental, than physical.

For instance, let's say Gemini rules your seventh house of relationships, and committed partnerships... what do you think will happen once warrior Mars comes through? Here's how I would analyze this transit. For starters, I'm going to keep three things in mind: Mars' mission, Gemini's personality, and the seventh house. Now, we know Mars is impatient and passionate; Gemini is clever and communicative, and the seventh house rules relationships, right? So, if Mars in Gemini were to activate my seventh house, I would probably experience a more fiery approach with my one-on-ones, or perhaps some ego conflicts with my partner. Make sense?

That's just an example, but it's interesting when you analyze transits from a personal standpoint. Don't you think? Anyway, here's how Mars in Gemini might affect your sex life, as per your zodiac sign:

Aries: Sex On The Go

Despite your sincere appreciation for instant gratification, hot-headed Mars will ignite your communication and transportation sector, which means, car sex, phone sex, sexting, and consistent dirty talk.

Taurus: Money, Honey

Let's face it, Taurus: You love dollar signs, but with red-hot Mars shaking up your second house of values and sensual pleasures, you'll likely be more vocal with your desires. How bad do you want it, Taurus?

Gemini: It's Showtime

Talk that talk, Gemini. With sexy Mars turning up in your sign, your mischievous twinkle will be as fiery as ever. Plus, with that gift of gab, you can have anyone you want. #JustSaying.

Cancer: Sex Dreams

With aggressive Mars igniting your mystical 12th house of dreams and all things behind-the-scenes, your dreams will be as hot as ever. Some of you might even start a sexual relationship behind closed doors.

Leo: F*ck Buddies

Who are you texting, Leo? With hot-headed Mars shaking up your eleventh house of friendships, you'll likely be surrounded by future prospects... just make sure you keep it in the circle of trust.

Virgo: Take Charge

Who's your Daddy, Virgo? Aggressive Mars will ignite your tenth house of career and reputation in the world, which means you'll do whatever it takes to be on top... in every sense of the word.

Libra: Mile-High Club

Red-hot Mars is shaking up your adventurous ninth house of travel and philosophy, so you'll likely be as spontaneous as ever. Exotic pen pal? Who knows, some of you might meet a sexy prospect overseas.

Scorpio: Sex Fantasies

Your ancient ruler is igniting your eighth house of sex and rulership... need I say more? Take it easy, Scorpio. Your carnal desires will be as intense as ever, so you'll likely be thinking about sex more than usual.

Sagittarius: No Strings

Friends with benefits, Sagittarius? With assertive Mars shaking up your partnership zone, you'll be as magnetic as ever, especially if you use your words. Also, be safe but... the more the merrier! #JustSaying.

Capricorn: More Energy

Need to blow off some steam, Capricorn? With red-hot Mars lighting up your sixth house of health and routine, you'll likely be as energized as ever. Sex once a day keeps the doctor away, right?

Aquarius: Mind Games

A little mental stimulation never hurt anyone, Aquarius. Assertive Mars is shaking up your expressive fifth house of romance, and you will be as flirtatious as ever. Don't be such a tease, OK?

Pisces: Animal Instincts

With aggressive Mars shaking up your fourth house of emotional foundation, you will likely feel a surge of energy coming from your core during this time. Follow your instincts, but watch what you say!