You Can Respond To Someone's Questions Sticker On IG As Many Times As You Want

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's safe to say that Instagram's new questions sticker has already taken the world by storm since it made its debut on July 10. The update is Instagram's answer to users who've been looking for more ways to interact with their followers, and I already think that a few virtual friendships might be born because of it. If you've started a questions sticker conversation with someone over the latest season of the Bachelorette and are wondering how many times can you respond to questions stickers on Instagram, you're in luck: It's totally up to you.

Forget about awkwardly attempting to continue a great conversation by switching over to Direct Message, because you can respond to a person's questions sticker as many times as you want. Let's say someone is asking their friend base for recommendations on what new shows to watch. We've all been there, and what better way to crowdsource a variety of great options you're sure to enjoy than from the people who follow you on the regular?

Little do they know that you're a TV junkie, and you've got ten different series on queue that they just have to binge ASAP. All you have to do is tap on their query prompt, type your response, and send it. From there, you can repeat the process as many times as you want, all while staying on the Story page. Since they'll receive your username along with all your responses, they'll know that you are the utmost authority on all things relating to TV. Chances are they'll come to you to discuss weird fan theories with on, and even post your suggestion (or question) on their next Story.


Let's say this person wants to respond to your suggestions. They can select one of your responses in the Story viewers carousel, and a new Story will come up. While their original query, your suggestion, and their response will all show up on the new Story, your username will be kept anonymous when the conversation is shared publicly.


You can send in as many suggestions (and questions) as you like and help a friend out, minus the worry that all of their followers will know that you love binging Netflix.

Honestly, you should take advantage of the ability to send multiple questions or responses to someone you follow, because it's completely new. The questions sticker, which was rolled out as part of Instagram's version 52 update to iOS and Android, was born from the popularity of Instagram's other interactive stickers, the poll feature and the emoji slider. While both features allow you to crowdsource advice from your friend group and even get a gage of peoples' reactions to something in emoji form, you only get to pick one response, and that's it. Whether you're helping a friend choose between getting a strawberry smoothie or trying one of the limited-edition frappuccinos at Starbucks, or sending your approval via a heart emoji to someone's new haircut, the conversation is basically over after you select one of the pre-made responses.

So now that Instagram's questions sticker is here, why not get creative with it? You can ask influencers you admire about where they bought their cute swimsuits, how they support themselves working remotely, or even something they enjoy about their job, all without leaving their Story. Plus, you know that your queries won't be lost in the black hole that is their DMs, and that they'll be seeing every question attributed to you in the Story viewers arsenal. Who knows, you might even strike up an unlikely friendship over something you never knew you had in common.