Chris Evans hits the red carpet.

Chris Evans Casually Revealed He Has A Ton Of Tattoos & Fans Are Shooketh

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's some major news on the Chris Evans front and, no, it has nothing to do with leaked nude photos. Evans is now making headlines after sharing a video of doing a back flip into his pool, which instantly caught fans' attention for one major reason. In addition to being enamored with Evans' chiseled abs, his followers are now realizing they've been sleeping on the fact that he's so, so tatted up. Like, he's practically covered in tattoos. When it comes to how many tattoos Chris Evans has, the limit may not exist.

Evans shared the video in question on Oct. 6, lamenting about the changing weather. "Last swim before the pool hibernates," he captioned the post. He then proceeded to whip out a flawless back flip, but fans cared more about his never-before-seen ink than his acrobatic skills, and Twitter had a meltdown over the video clip.

"Was I the only one that didn't know @ChrisEvans has chest tattoos or…" one fan questioned.

Fans were seriously shook. "HIS ABS ARE SO F*CKING TONED AND OMFG THE F*CKING TATTOOS IM F*CKING SCREAMING," one fan tweeted. "IM NOT OKAY. SIR @ChrisEvans BYE."

You can see the video in full below.

It's tough to tell how many tattoos Evans is really working with, but from the video, it appears he has at least six across his chest and stomach. Several of his tattoos contain script, while on of his largest tattoos on his chest appears to be an image of a bird.

There's a reason Evans was able to hide his tattoos for so long. Since the majority of them are on his stomach, most are hidden under his shirt. He's actually talked about his affinity for hidden tattoos in the past, explaining that it's easier to book jobs as an actor that way.

"I really like tattoos but the problem is, when you wear a short-sleeve shirt in a movie, that's an extra hour in the makeup chair. So, it's not worth it," he told Maude Garrett on The Hot Hits Live From LA interview in 2014. "I'm all for tattoos, but just somewhere they can be hidden."

Evans' secret is out, though, and fans definitely aren't mad about it. Now that his large collection of tattoos is public knowledge, perhaps he'll keep the shirtless content coming.