You Have To See Bryce Hall's Expanding Tattoo Collection

Courtesy of Bryce Hall on YouTube

Bryce Hall certainly knows how to express himself. Whether it be on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or even face-to-face with paparazzi while out and about in Los Angeles, Hall doesn't shy away from speaking his mind. So, it's no surprise he's channeled his creativity to ink some art on his body. It might be hard to keep track of how many tattoos Bryce Hall has, so we're getting down to the bottom of it.

Hall teased fans in June 2018 after reaching 1.4 million followers on Instagram, saying he got a tattoo in honor of the accomplishment. "I hit 1.4m today so i decided to get a tattoo on my chest to honor such an occasion," he captioned a shirtless snap. "Thank you all so much."

It was clear from the photo that the ink was photoshopped on his bare chest, but since then, he's added quite a few real tattoos to his collection. Hall is seemingly proud of his tattoos, because he rarely goes without showing them off on his social media accounts. While this list is currently at seven (that we can see), it will likely grow as the years go by because, according to his Twitter, Hall is always looking for more reasons to get more tattoos.

1. A Rose

Hall has one single rose tattooed on the back of his forearm.

2. A Floral Design

Sticking with the theme of his rose, Hall has a flower surrounded with leaves inked on the other side of his forearm. From photos on his social media, it seems this tattoo might have been Hall's first, since it's visible in pics dating back to 2018 before any of his other ink was there.

In December 2017, Hall revealed the meaning behind one of his tattoos. While he didn't disclose what tattoo it was about, all signs pointed to the flower since it was the only one fans could see at the time.

"The meaning behind the tattoo is to start a new beginning, everybody has the power to change their meaning in life and mine starts in 2018," he wrote.

3. & 4. A Snake and a Wolf

Hall has the face of a wolf tattooed on the top of his thigh, placed almost directly above a wrap-around snake tattoo.

5. A Mystery Symbol

Hall's ankle tattoo can often be seen in photos, but it's unclear what the ink actually is.

6. A Statement Piece

Hall sports a "PARTY ANIMAL" tattoo right above his knee. While he hasn't spoken out about the meaning of the ink, it pretty much speaks for itself.

7. Upper-Thigh Tattoo

While it's often covered up, fans have gotten a few glimpses of a tattoo on his upper thigh, though it's currently unclear what exactly the design is.