How long has Billie Eilish had blonde hair? She hid it for months.

Billie Eilish Revealed How Long She Had Been Hiding Her Blonde Hair From Fans

by Daffany Chan
Toni Anne Barson/WireImage/Getty Images

Billie Eilish wowed fans when she revealed her drastic new 'do in March, showing off stunning blonde locks. The singer's transformation was particularly jaw-dropping when fans noticed her adjusting a wig of her signature green and black hair prior to the reveal, leading to questions of how long Billie Eilish had blonde hair. Well, Eilish finally cleared the air, and the answer will certainly surprise you. It turns out the singer successfully hid her light hair for months.

Eilish shocked fans when she dropped new details about her blonde hairstyle on Instagram Stories on Saturday, April 3. When one fan asked why she'd been keeping the look under wraps for so long, Eilish responded with a photo taken on Jan. 16 that showed her mid-process of going blonde, explaining, "'Cause it took six weeks to accomplish...this was the first round." In the photo, the singer is sporting locks with two hues due to the dying process, with a platinum blonde color on top and a reddish color on the bottom.

According to People, a fan also asked during Eilish's Q&A session on IG Stories about whether or not the singer's hair was damaged after bleaching, to which Eilish shared that her hair is actually "so healthy."

Eilish's comments about her hair change confirmed fans' suspicions that the singer's green hair at the Grammys was actually a wig. In case you missed it, the drama all started after a TikTok from the Grammys began circulating of Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat posing for photos on the red carpet, while a voice that sounds like Eilish's in the background says, "I can't take off my wig." The saga then continued on March 17 when Eilish posted a TikTok of her appearing to reposition her black and neon green hair, just like you would with a wig.

Since Eilish revealed on IG Stories that her first round of bleaching was on Jan. 16, it looks fans were correct: The singer was in fact sporting her blonde locks under a wig for pretty much all of 2021. Now that the secret's out, fans can get ready for what Eilish's hairstylist Lissa Renn called on Instagram "a new era" of Eilish. With such a rocking transformation, it's safe to say that Eilish will continue to wow the music industry with her unique personality and style.