These 5 Zodiac Signs Take The Longest To Get Over A Breakup

by Cosmo Luce

Breakups are the worst. If you're a sign who can move on quickly — Aries or Sagittarius, for example — then know that you're really, really lucky. For other signs, it takes months or even years to get over a breakup. Moving on doesn't just have to do with your sun sign, either. Whatever sign your Venus falls in will influence the way in which you approach love, and the position of your seventh house in your birth chart dictates the manner in which you approach relationships. If your sun sign doesn't appear below but you know you have a hard time moving on from relationships once they're broken up, it might be useful for you to check out the rest of your chart.

If your romantic life is influenced by one of the signs listed below, know that the intensity of your love isn't going to go to waste. Your affection will be felt in its full depth by someone who is ready for it. Even heartbreak helps us prepare to meet the love we are looking for by changing us into the person we are in the process of becoming. These are simply growing pains on the way to where you are supposed to be going. Feel them fully, and don't let your love go to waste.

1. Taurus

As a fixed earth sign, Taurus views every commitment they make as lifelong. In their creative, romantic, and professional endeavors, they take on nothing that they don't want to give themselves to fully, because they know they really have no other choice. After a breakup, it takes Taurus the longest by far to move on. Sure, they might take other lovers and might even have whole other relationships before they can really let that old love go. And when they do let it go, it's not because they're "over it" by any means, but because they've found that love in a new form.

2. Cancer

Sensitive Cancer fears abandonment more than anything else in the world, so a breakup is basically their worst nightmare. All of their fears get triggered, and they bury themselves deep within their shell. Cancer is the sign most likely to sink into a deep depression when it's over. They say that getting over a relationship takes half the length of the time that you were dating, but Cancer's soft heart doesn't work on anyone else's timeline but their own.

3. Scorpio

Once Scorpio sinks their tenterhooks into someone, try as they might they have a hard time letting go. Being as in touch with the underworld as they are, they usually know when something is over, but stay in close contact regardless. Your relationship might be over and done with, an absolute ghost, but Scorpios will still find a way to keep their finger on their ex's pulse. The only way to break up with a Scorpio thoroughly is to cut off all contact; even then, they'll still probably appear to their ex in their dreams.

4. Capricorn

Capricorn might not let on much, but they get really invested in relationships, and fast. They pour a lot of energy and effort into the health of their love life, and when things don't go according to plan, they often take full responsibility for its failures. In order for Capricorn to move on, they have to realize that they didn't do anything wrong; some seeds just weren't meant to flower fully. It's really nobody's fault and the only happiness they are responsible for is their own.

5. Pisces

Pisces does nothing if not love deeply. Love, for them, is like a valve being turned on full throttle. After a breakup, they will continue to pour love into another person even if their sentiments are no longer being returned. It can take years for the valve to be shut off, so the best way for Pisces to move on is to build a new channel for their love to flow into. Still, that construction can take a long time. Pisces needs to know that their love is a gift, and they don't need to present it to someone who doesn't know its true value. Their heart is the one that needs protection, and nobody else is going to rise to that occasion for them.

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