Clare Is Reportedly Ready For A "Fresh Start" After Splitting From Dale

by Candice Jalili
David Buchan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Good news for any fans wondering how Clare Crawley is doing after her Dale Moss breakup. Those of you who follow her on Instagram already may have noticed a few things going down on her profile as of late. For starters, her hair is pink. According to a source who reportedly spoke to Us Weekly on Feb. 9, the new look is intended to inspire her fresh start.

Clare’s new hairdo was inspired by her wanting a fresh start to her life,” the source reportedly told Us Weekly. “She sees her time spent with Dale as something of her past and is ready to move forward.” A post-breakup hair transformation? Uh, I think more than a few people can relate to that.

A day after she debuted the new haircut, fans also noticed that she had unfollowed Moss on Instagram. Shortly after the unfollow, she took to her Instagram Stories to post quotes from the writer Ruby Dhal and a classic post-breakup mantra: "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time."

While Crawley is reportedly ready to start anew, the former Bachelorette star is apparently going to be taking some time before she dives back into the dating pool. The same source reportedly explained, "She is going to enjoy being single for a little before jumping into dating again."

Instagram/Clare Crawley

It was Moss who first announced the news of their split with a since-deleted Jan. 19 Instagram post. "I wanted to share with you all that Clare and I have decided to go our separate ways," Moss wrote at the time. "We appreciate the love and support we've received from so many people, but this is the healthiest decision for both of us at this time. We strongly believe in leading with love and always remaining true to oneself — something our families have taught and instilled in us throughout our lives. We only hope the best things for one another." In the caption, Moss added, "Please respect our privacy as we work through this together."

A few days later, Crawley came out with a statement of her own that made it clear she wasn't fully on board with Moss' seemingly mutual statement. "I was made aware of a 'mutual' statement at the same time you all were, so I've needed some time to really digest this," she wrote in her Jan. 21 post. "Speaking for myself, my intentions with this relationship have always been very clear, so the truth is I am crushed. This was not what I expected or hoped for and I am still trying to process this."

Following an acknowledgment of what a difficult year it has been, she concluded by saying, "Our relationship was not perfect, but I can say that I genuinely invested with all of my heart. I may not have all the answers, but I do know this — I will continue to show up, stand by my word, and be committed to love."

Happy to hear things might be looking up for her!