9 Women Reveal How Their SOs Make Them Feel Special & I'm Already Crying

Being in a relationship can be pretty awesome. From feeling emotionally and physically connected to your boo to always having someone to text or eat late-night snacks with — relationships can make life feel super fulfilling. Of course, no matter how amazing your relationship feels — sometimes dating takes a little extra effort. No matter how long you've been seeing your boo — it's natural to wonder, how does your partner make you feel special?

Understanding the ways you and your boo make each other feel most cared for can help you both to feel closer to each other. If you like to be asked about your day or you really feel loved when your boo takes the initiative on a house project — there are many ways your boo may make you feel cared for.

And whether your partner is an amazing cook or they're always planning the next romantic trip for you both to take — knowing what makes you feel special in your relationship can be a great way to feel connected to your partner.

Elite Daily asked nine women what their partner does to make them feel special, and what they said is so cute that I'm crying.

This Cutie Who Cooks
Jill Chen/Stocksy
She’s a great cook and I love to eat. Also, she always keeps the fridge literally overflowing. Buys me random snacks that she knows I would like.


This Partner Who Thinks Ahead
Jaki Portolese/Stocksy
He brings me a cookie without asking if he goes up into the kitchen to get one for himself. He massages my feet. He puts on my favorite music while I'm cooking. He's the best.


This Partner Who Fixes Things
Michela Ravasio/Stocksy
My partner fixes things for me. Like, my bicycle handlebar tape was getting all raggedy and then one day while I was biking into work I noticed he'd replaced it and it was perfect. Also, a rat chewed through part of my backpack strap while we were camping one time (soooo gross, why!?!?!?) and he sent it to the backpack company to be repaired without me knowing until I took it out for the next trip and it was fixed.


This Boo Who Checks In
I admittedly need to work on communicating when I’m upset or unhappy, so he’s started checking in on me once in a while to ask if I’m happy and if there’s anything he can do to make me happier. The simple act of caring and letting me know he’s there to listen has done wonders for us.


This Flame That Listens
He listens to me, and talks to me about what's going on. He looks forward to spending time with me every evening, holds my hand when we watch TV, brings home candy that he knows I like, texts me every day to say he loves me and hopes I'm having a great day, leaves me occasional love notes in my desk or books, cooks dinner when I'm having a long day, and volunteers to run out to the store when I want something.


This Partner Who Cares
He pays attention to everything and shows me that he truly cares. I've been having some medical issues, so I have had lots of doctors' appointments, and he puts them all in his calendar so he knows. Even though he stays up much later than I do, he lays down next to me when I go to bed and rubs my head until I fall asleep.


This Boo Who Turns Up The Heat (Literally)
He goes to a lot of trouble to make sure I'm not cold. On our first date, we were outside and it was getting late in the day so he gave me his flannel shirt and tucked it in all around me, in a playful way without being creepy. When we watch tv at his house he keeps a little heater aimed at my feet, and if I'm still cold he throws a cozy blanket or two over me and tucks me in. And last year, when we had just started dating, I mentioned that I'd been shopping for a new pair of winter slippers but couldn't find what I wanted, so he took me shopping and bought me a beautiful, cozy pair.


This Partner That Follows Through
She does exactly what she says she'll do. She says she'll get back to me on something, then does in a timely manner. I never realized how important it was to me until it surprises me every time it comes true.


This Boo That Leaves Notes
Tana Teel/Stocksy
He hides love notes in my car or purse. I actually discovered one recently when someone hit my car and I went in to get the insurance card.


Making your partner feel special, with cooking or little notes can be a great way to show your boo how much you care about them. From checking in during the day to planning special anniversary celebrations — there are millions of ways to make your partner feel cared for and loved. No matter how long you've been dating — you deserve to feel special in your relationship — and there's nothing special about that.