The '13 Reasons Why' Twitter Account Shut Down A Major Season 3 Fan Theory


Netflix recently released the trailer for the third season of 13 Reasons Why, and the moody clip reveals a surprising new mystery at the center of the upcoming season. The trailer shows the main cast in black attending the funeral of Bryce Walker, the series' main antagonist for its first two seasons. The big question posed by the trailer centers around who killed Bryce Walker, but another question some fans immediately guessed could be more important is: How does Bryce die in 13 Reasons Why? But just as a major fan theory was bubbling up among the fandom, the show's Twitter account shut it down.

The new trailer and character posters for 13 Reasons Why Season 3 present the main cast as the police's suspects in Bryce Walker's murder case, but a number of fans predicted that the big twist in the season may be the revelation that Bryce actually died by suicide. After all, the initial premise for the series centered on a suicide, so fans thought maybe the show would be returning to its controversial roots. But now there is official confirmation that this theory is incorrect. When a fan posted the theory about Bryce dying by suicide, the 13 Reasons Why Twitter account responded that the fictional Evergreen County police have "confirmed that this was indeed a homicide."

That means one of the characters on the show almost definitely killed Bryce Walker, so the investigation into which Liberty High student killed Bryce is on more than ever now.

Thankfully, 13 Reasons Why is already giving fans some helpful clues into the murder mystery before Season 3 even premieres. Newly released character posters include little snippets of the suspect profiles for each character, revealing reasons why they may have murdered Bryce Walker. The notes also reveal some new information about Season 3, such as Zach growing closer to Bryce's former girlfriend Chlöe, Alex starting numerous fights, and Jessica becoming more involved in her activism.

The posters also introduce a mysterious new character named Ani Achola, played by Grace Saif. All fans know about Ani is she is a new student at Liberty High who grows close with Clay and Jessica.

The trailer seems to confirm these posters were released in pairs for a reason, as it shows each character pair in a short scene together before bringing them all together at Bryce's funeral.

The series has also created an interactive website fans can use to get even more clues about the Bryce Walker murder. Curious fans can go to WhoKilledBryceWalker.com (note that the site is built to work on phones) to begin an interactive video with Alex's father Deputy Sheriff Standall, who is leading the investigation.

There is definitely a ton of speculation going on in the 13 Reasons Why fandom right now, so you better start placing your bets on who could have killed Bryce Walker before Season 3 premieres on Netflix on Aug. 23.

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