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How Did Selena Gomez Go Blonde? Her Hairstylist Just Shared The Secret On Instagram


Selena Gomez has just joined the ranks of celebs like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lawrence who have taken walks on the blonde side. The singer made her debut on the red carpet of the American Music Awards and easily became the biggest topic of conversation. I low-key thought for sure it was a wig. No way did Selena change her signature chestnut locks — did she? Yes, the "Wolves" singer fully committed to her persona, and it wasn't easy. How did Selena Gomez go blonde? Nine hours, two stylists, and a whole lot of care.

Gomez has been in the spotlight most of her life, and this is the first time fans have ever seen her change her look so drastically. Her breakup with The Weeknd (real name: Abel Tesfaye) happened about a month ago on Oct. 30. People broke the news when reportedly multiple sources came forward and said the couple ended their 10 month relationship. One insider claims,

Since her split from The Weeknd, Gomez has been in a backslide to her ex, Justin Bieber. There's just all sorts of changes happening in the starlet's life. New chapter, new hair — AMIRIGHT? If Gomez wanted a change, blonde was about as radical as she could go.

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Gomez's stylist, Nikki Lee, explained to Us Weekly that since it was Gomez's first major change to her hair, the process took even longer to keep the hair's integrity. As reported by Teen Vogue, Lee said,

With such a big change, you better believe Gomez had to trademark her new look. Lee continued,

Gomez's hair color change was such a big undertaking, it required two stylists. The second stylist who was working at the same time as Lee, Riawna Capri, gave more details about the nine hour long process on her Instagram. She captioned a black-and-white photo of Gomez singing during her AMA performance and said,

Honestly, for that much work, I would be posting a photo of Gomez in full color. LOOK AT THAT MASTERPIECE, PEOPLE.

Obviously, that is a lot of processing for anyone's hair to go through — no matter how painstakingly careful the course of action was.

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Lee credits Pantene’s Radiant Color Shine 3 Minute Miracle Daily Conditioner as the product Gomez will use for upkeep through the rest of 2017. Gomez is one of the spokespeople for Pantene, and the product is literally $5 at Target — definitely worth a try. Lee said,

I'm sure Gomez's hair transformation is inspiring people all over the place to try something different with their locks. If you have nine hours and two stylists — you're definitely on your way to Nirvana Blonde.

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