This Actress Fell In Love With Her Stunt Double On A Movie Set In Fiji

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Plenty of celebrity couples have met on the set of a movie, like Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck, Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem, and Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, just to name a few. However, I'm pretty sure the story of how Kiersey Clemons and Ebony De La Haye met is totally unique. That's because — rather than falling for a costar or on-screen love interest — Clemons fell in love with her stunt double. If someone doesn't make a rom-com out of Clemons and De La Haye's epic love story, then I will.

The Dope star and the stunt double (who also served as a stunt double for Kristine Froseth in 2019's Prey) met on the set of the survivalist horror flick Sweetheart back in 2017. As De La Haye explained to Variety during a June 2020 interview, filming took place over eight weeks in Fiji, and what started off as a friendship between the two women eventually blossomed into attraction. "...we'd already vibed, and there's always that weird queer thing of, 'Does this girl want to be my best friend, or…?' If you misread that, it's embarrassing," De La Haye explained. "But it became obvious towards the end."

By the time their two months in paradise came to an end, Clemons and De La Haye knew what they had wasn't merely a fling. "...if you hit it off with someone in the beginning [of filming], especially in a place like Fiji, where you don't live, you could very well be like, 'OK, that was fun. I'm gonna go back to my normal life now,'" Clemons told Variety, but that wasn't the case for her and De La Haye. The problem: Clemons was returning home to Los Angeles, while De La Haye — who's originally from Australia and who was living in Singapore at the time — was still finishing her U.S. visa process.

Luckily, the two weren't daunted by the prospect of a long-distance relationship, and for a year, they went back and forth between America and Singapore. Once De La Haye finished her visa process, the couple decided to take a risk and move in together in L.A. The gamble paid off, and three years after meeting, Clemons and De La Haye are still living in bliss in California.

Clemons revealed to Variety that, when she was younger, she didn't have any queer relationships in her life that she could look to for inspiration. "Sometimes I forget the importance of putting our relationship and our lives on display," she said. "...I think it's important to show people that you as a queer person are also deserving of a healthy, steady relationship the same way that hetero people have every single day." For her, using her platform to show pride in her relationship and her identity as a queer woman is a responsibility she happily takes on.

De La Haye agreed, adding, "Even though the representation is there, generally the relatability still isn't enough. ... It's so funny to reflect and know that we're those [relatable] people now, that people can look at us and say, 'I want to have a relationship like that one day.'"