Hilary Duff is open to having a 'Hannah Montana' crossover on the 'Lizzie McGuire' reboot.

OMG, Hilary Duff Is Open To A 'Lizzie McGuire' & 'Hannah Montana' Crossover

by Dylan Kickham

The upcoming Lizzie McGuire reboot might just deliver Disney Channel fans the best of both worlds, and it really would be what dreams are made of. Although the revival is in limbo right now, Hilary Duff confirmed it's still in the works and even said she'd be open to having Miley Cyrus on the show as her pop-star alter-ego Hannah Montana. Basically, Hilary Duff's comments about a Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana crossover will have everyone who grew up watching Disney Channel freaking out.

There is still a lot up in the air about Disney+'s Lizzie McGuire reboot, but Duff confirmed in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan the team is still talking weekly and working on it despite production shutdowns and the showrunner departing. Even more exciting, when the talk shifted to Cyrus' fandom of all things Lizzie McGuire and Duff herself, Duff said a Hannah Montana crossover could be in the cards. "I’ve never thought about a Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire crossover, but never say never," Duff said. "Anything goes these days, right?"

Cyrus has been a very vocal supporter of Duff for a long time. Most recently, she had Duff as a guest on her Instagram Live show Bright Minded and revealed Duff was the reason she auditioned for Hannah Montana. "I don’t think I gave a sh*t about being an actress or a singer. I just wanted to copy you no matter what," Cyrus said to Duff.


Both Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana aired on Disney Channel in the aughts and have remained two of the network's most beloved series. Given the shared network, a crossover would easily be possible, and since Hannah Montana was part of a couple Disney Channel crossover specials back in the day, there's proof it could work.

The only thing that may be a hitch in plan is that Cyrus has been pretty vocal about wanting to distance herself from her breakout role in recent years. Then again, she has been a lot more generous with referencing and joking about the show in 2020, and her intense love for Duff and Lizzie McGuire could be just the thing to inspire her to put on her iconic blonde wig one last time.

For now, fans will just have to keep holding out hope this crossover could become a reality when the Lizzie McGuire reboot resumes production sometime in the future.