Hidden Valley's Ranch-Filled Stocking is here to make your holidays full of dipping goodness.

Hidden Valley Is Selling Stockings Filled With 52 Ounces Of Ranch Dressing

Courtesy of Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley's limited-edition line of holiday items will help you celebrate the holiday season and your love of ranch dressing simultaneously. There is an item for just about any ranch fan, especially those who want a supply of their favorite condiment to last them all holiday season long. Yep, Hidden Valley is selling Ranch-Filled Stockings to make all of your dipping dreams come true.

The Hidden Valley Ranch Shop wows with plenty of ranch-inspired options to gift to yourself or to that one friend who guzzles ranch by the spoonful. The online store offers plenty of limited-edition clothing and accessories, but the real show-stopper is the Hidden Valley Ranch-Filled Stocking.

The epic stocking comes filled with 52 ounces of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing and features a design that will make even the crankiest Scrooge smile. Images of Hidden Valley Ranch bottles, pizza slices, and burgers abound with the Hidden Valley Ranch logo, and it's all wrapped up with the fair isle knit look of your favorite ugly holiday sweater. The best feature is, of course, the pour spout on the toe of the stocking, where you can dispense ranch dressing to your heart's content. Included with the Ranch-Filled Stocking is a silver mantle hook to hang it with.

The Ranch-Filled Stocking sells for $35, and though you may be wondering what you'd do with it after you've used all of the ranch, you can actually refill the stocking with the white twist top.

Some of the other Hidden Valley Ranch gear available for the holiday season includes a Hidden Valley Ranch Wrapping Kit, with two wrapping paper rolls, two spools of ribbon, and four gift tags.

Wearable items range from socks to onesies to ugly holiday sweaters, and they are all equally as epic. The Holiday Adult Onesie sells for $75 and it sure to keep you warm and cozy on those chilly nights.

The Red Holiday Sweater is an option for those who want to wear their ranch, without spending quite as much. For $50, you'll get the best of a Fair Isle Knit with images of adorable ranch bottles.

For a fun stocking stuffer for yourself or a bestie, you can't go wrong with $20 Holiday Santa Ranch Bottle Socks.

Supporting your love of ranch has never been easier, especially during the holidays. Orders are delivered within five to seven business days, so it's best to buy your ranch gear ASAP. The first round of the Ranch-Filled Stockings sold out quickly, so you may want to load up your cart and check out before these items disappear completely.