A guy surprises his girlfriend with a present while they're both dressed in ugly Christmas sweaters.

33 Captions For Ugly Christmas Sweaters & Expressing Your Elf

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One of the best things about the holiday season is counting down the days until Dec. 25 while you’re rocking an ugly Christmas sweater. You love the holidays so much, you may have an entire collection of ugly holiday sweaters you wear on the regular. They keep you warm and effortlessly put everyone in the right mood with an immense amount of bells, sparkles, ribbons, and necessary fluff. When you and your friends are prepping for your ugly sweater party, you have to remember to snap some pictures and pair them with witty Instagram captions for ugly Christmas sweaters.

Embrace the vibes of whatever sweater you're wearing with a caption that's fun, funny, and sometimes even punny. The holiday season is all about bringing people together in a jolly way, and that’s exactly what a good Instagram post with your Christmas sweater can do. Friends scrolling through their feeds will smile at how festive you look, and then laugh at your caption.

There’s need to even worry about coming up with the words on your own, because I have you covered with 33 holiday sayings to use. It's time to embrace the season — because after all, it is the most wonderful (sweater) time of the year.


1. "Don’t tell bae, but I stole [his/her/their] sweater."

2. "Fleece Navidad."

3. "Really sleighin’ it in this Christmas sweater."

4. "This is what sweater weather looks like."

5. "This sweater is worth the work of hand washing it later.”

6. "Blessed and Christmas sweater-obsessed."

7. "The tree isn't the only thing getting lit this year, because my sweater also has lights in it."

8. "The best time to wear a Christmas sweater is actually all the time."

9. "I’m snowtorious for my Christmas sweaters."

10. "I’m going to Dancer and Prancer around in this Christmas sweater."

11. "Merry Christmas ya filthy animal." — Home Alone

12. "The forecast for today is 100% chance of sweater weather."

13. "Eat, drink, and wear a tacky Christmas sweater."

14. "Feelin’ jolly AF."

15. "I dare you not to laugh at my ugly Christmas sweater."

16. "I'm only a morning person on December 25."

17. "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." — Buddy the Elf, Elf

18. "My sweaters every day: slay My sweaters in December: sleigh."

19. "You’re never fully dressed without a Christmas sweater."

20. "Smiling's my favorite." — Buddy the Elf, Elf

21. "Express your elf."

22. "I’m feeling fab-yule-ous."

23. "When I’ve got my Christmas sweater on, you know I’m up to snow good."

24. "Attitude is everything when you’re wearing a ton of jingle bells and pom poms."

25. "Watch out Vogue, here I come."

26. "Christmas sweaters are beautiful in their own little ways."

27. "If an ugly sweater is not standing out, it’s just a regular sweater."

28. "I always jingle all the way when I get dressed in the morning.”

29. "When in doubt, wear an ugly Christmas sweater."

30. "You may wondering how someone can be so cute in something so tacky."

31. "I put the ‘i’ in coziness."

32. "When it’s on my dog, it’s a pug-ly Christmas sweater."

33. "There’s no room for bah humbug around this sweater."

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