Hershey's Chocolate World summer 2021 products and experiences include so many sweet treats.

Hershey's Chocolate World Now Has Wine & Beer Chocolate Pairings That Sound SO Good

Courtesy of Hershey's

Hershey's is kicking off summer 2021 by inviting chocolate lovers back to Chocolate World — and a visit to the Hershey, Pennsylvania attraction has never sounded sweeter. The candy company will be marking its patio season kick-off by rolling out so many new Hershey's Chocolate World summer 2021 products and experiences, including so many DIY treats to customize your Reese's cup as well as a new bar serving wine and chocolate pairings. Start planning your summer road trip to the sweetest place on earth, because you'll definitely want to sample some of these limited-time goodies.

During the summer for a limited time, Hershey's Chocolate World will be putting the fun back in fans' hands with the debut of a few customizable experiences. Starting Memorial Day weekend, visitors will be able to visit the company's brand new limited-time Reese's Stuff experience, which is basically exactly how it sounds. Along with specialty Reese's peanut butter straight from the Hershey's factory, you'll be able to DIY your own 1-pound Reese's Cup with over 10 different mix-in options — like pretzel bits and cookie chunks — for $14.95.

In addition to dropping a limited-edition $8 Hershey’s Kisses Birthday Cake Milkshake and an $8 Kit Kat Key Lime Pie Milkshake that you can enjoy while visiting Chocolate World, visitors will also be able to bring home a Milkshake Kit for $24.95 so you can practice your chocolate mixology skills from the comfort of your own kitchen. The company will also be offering $14.95 "custom creation kits" so you can put your own sweet twist on classic Hershey's candy.

Courtesy of Hershey's

Speaking of sweet, one of the most highly-anticipated summer offerings at Hershey's Chocolate World will be dropping so soon for a limited time. Following its much-hyped drop in Canada last year, Ice Cream Shoppe Bars will now be making their way to Chocolate World for $1.85 a piece. The limited-time creamy bars, which are inspired by classic ice cream flavors, include Strawberries ‘N’ Crème, Cookies ‘N’ Mint, and Sprinkles ‘N’ Crème.

Last but not least, Hershey's is one-upping your classic beverage and cheese pairing with the opening of its first on-site bar. Starting at $8 per tasting, visitors who are at least 21 years old will be able sip on local beers and wines and check out Hershey's chocolates that pair with them. Who needs wine and cheese night when you can get some chocolate involved? Some examples of beverage and candy pairings include a can of Yuengling Hershey’s Chocolate Porter (also available as a draft offering) partnered with a Hershey’s Milk chocolate bar, or a caramel-filled Hershey's Kisses milk chocolate paired with the perfect wine.

If you haven't already, don't wait on planning a trip out to Chocolate World this summer so you can check out all of the unique experiences and treats on offer.

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