6 Places To Shop For Engagement Rings That Aren't Tiffany & Co.

If you're putting together your wish list for this holiday season and considering letting your boyfriend or girlfriend know that you'd like your ring finger to be a bit bling-ier, you might be wondering where to shop. Of course, there's the tried-and-true (and baby blue) option, but there are plenty of other places to shop for engagement rings besides Tiffany & Co. After all, not only is Tiffany & Co. most likely going to take a bite out of your wallet, it also just might simply be not your style.

From vintage shops to custom-made pieces to family heirlooms, the options for engagement rings are endless. I have friends with gorgeous blue sapphire rocks (not Kate Middleton, even though we are BFFs in my mind), and some with simple white diamond eternity bands. One of my dear dude friends even proposed to his now-wife with a pair of diamond stud earrings, so that she could go and choose her own ring. (Swoon alert!) Even Amazon and Costco have incredibly wide selections of rocks for you or your bethrothed to... rock!

While a lot of elements of proposing, being engaged, and planning a wedding can be overwhelming, hopefully this guide of places to buy the ring might help make that #engagedlife a little easier.

If You're Into Vintage Style, Try Etsy

Etsy is known for an extremely wide variety of virtually anything you could be shopping for, and their engagement ring selection is no different. You can shop by shape, color, price, and even browse their trend selections. With hundreds of jewelers curated in one place, Etsy can make engagement ring shopping that much simpler.

If You're Into Something Delicate, Try Cat Bird
catbirdnyc on Instagram

This Brooklyn-based jewelry company sells incredibly delicate and detailed pieces, and their engagement ring selection showcases this. Catbird also offers a wide range of styles and prices, with prices starting at $530 and capping off just shy of $15,000. They also make wedding bands to complement their unique styles.

If You're Into Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck, Try Costco

Yes, you read that correctly — Costco sells engagement rings. While you do need a membership to shop, the cheapest membership option will run you $60 a year. Costco sells a variety of styles of rings from a price range of $699 to $329,999 and they accept returns, just in case. This warehouse offers a discount that might be hard to resist when you're working within a budget.

If You're Into Color, Try Eidel Precious
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Eidel Precious is all about combining sapphires of all colors with diamonds and different type of precious metals to create a truly stunning display of color and love. From blush pink to something blue, this jeweler has you covered.

If You're Into Conflict-Free Diamonds, Try Brilliant Earth
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This company sells diamonds that are responsibly sourced and conflict-free, so you can shine bright like a guilt-free diamond. Brilliant Earth's engagement rings are varied in style, so you can get something eco-friendly and unique.

If You're Into That Prime Life, Try Amazon

Believe it or not, you can really buy a gorgeous engagement ring on Amazon. With a massive range of prices, stones, and styles, Amazon has an overwhelming amount of options for you. And yes, they even offer Amazon Prime Shipping on some of their rings.

Clearly there are many options when it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring, and there's truly a style for everyone. These jewelers and stores narrow down the seemingly-daunting task of finding the perfect ring and truly provide myriad options. So if your shopping list includes one of these dazzling baubles, go ahead and forward this article to your honey or get out there yourself and get shopping!