Sunseeker Rose's New Wine Is The Insta-Worthy Sip You Need This Summer

Sunseeker Rosé

Do you love wine, summertime, and super Instagram-friendly drinks? If you answered yes to all three, you'll definitely want to snag a bottle of new Sunseeker Rosé, which tastes as good as it looks. Here's where to get Sunseeker Rosé wine for the prettiest — and tastiest — happy hour summer pour.

But first, a little background about this sunset-colored sip. Sunseeker Rosé is a light pink California wine that was released in March 2019. The wine has flavor notes like raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, and red apple for a sweet and fruity taste. If that sounds good, wait until you hear about its packaging. The Sunseeker Rosé comes in an ómbre stained glass bottle with deep cherry colors up top that fade into a light peachy orange down toward the bottom. Honestly, how could you not Instagram something so gorgeous?

The description of the drink on the Sunseeker website will get you hyped for the warmer days ahead. It says, "Sunseeker was created to be a beautiful reminder of sun-drenched, carefree days with friends with a wine that provides a little taste of summer in a bottle, any time of the year!" Yes, please!

Need to get your hands on a bottle ASAP? If you're 21 or older, you can purchase Sunseeker Rosé online at The Barrel Room for $15.99 a bottle. It's also available online at for $18.99 and available at some Target locations, but you have to visit a physical store to snag a bottle, since its not available to purchase online. You can also order the drink from the alcohol ordering service Drizly. For additional retail options, people looking to grab a few bottles of this boozy treat can also call Sunseeker using the number on their website to find a nearby retailer. While this wine gives off serious fun-in-the-sun summer vibes, it'll be available for year-round enjoyment, so don't stress about it disappearing with cooler temperatures.

Sunseeker Rosé is joining an ever-growing family of new, tasty summer 2019 drinks. If you're looking for a bright red wine, you could check out Aldi's Casa Sangrioso Sangria Wine Box, a boxed sangria made with grape wine and other natural flavors, for $9.99. Aldi is also selling a drink called the Beach Colada, which is a mix of wine and piña colada flavors. For $6.99, the Beach Colada will give you serious beach vacay vibes.

If you're more of a sparkling wine person, there's plenty of newness on that front as well. Archer Roose's new Rose Spritz will definitely be a go-to for sparkling wine and rosé lovers alike, plus its low ABV means you can enjoy a few cans without getting too tipsy. If you've got a few summer birthdays coming up, Shamps' canned sparkling wine is the brightest, bubbliest way to celebrate a person or occasion without worrying about a bulky champagne bottle or the hassle of a cork.

Whatever your wine vibe this summer, there's definitely a perfectly-matched drink out there for you. Happy sipping!