This Inflatable Cooler Pool Float Is Basically A Light-Up Floating Bar

Courtesy Of PoolCandy

No matter how old you are, one of the greatest parts of summer will always be getting to go to pool parties. And aside from putting together a sick playlist, every pool party requires an extensive bar, lots and lots of snacks, and — most importantly — a plethora of pool floats. So, to ensure that you are totally and utterly prepared to throw an incredible backyard party, here's where to get PoolCandy's Illuminated Buffet Cooler. It basically guarantees summer fun.

If you've never seen PoolCandy's Illuminated Buffet Cooler, it pretty much looks like a party in a box. It's powered by PoolCandy LED lights, according to the website, and it has three different lighting options to choose from: strobe, flash, or still. So you can pick which lighting scheme you want depending on the vibe of the party. The brand recommends using it at night, since the lights are most visible in the dark. Also, make sure to have AA batteries on hand — each float requires three of them.

PoolCandy's Illuminated Buffet Cooler spans 4 feet long, so it can hold a pretty wide selection of food, drinks, and ice, according to the website. It's insulated, so you can load it with ice to keep your refreshments nice and cool as it floats atop the water. Obviously, it floats on the surface of your pool (or whatever body of water you please) to ensure easy access to all your goodies, and if anything goes wrong, each pack includes a patch kit to use as needed.

Courtesy Of PoolCandy

If you're interested in buying a floating bar to seriously up your pool party game, you'll be happy to know that you can snag them from a number of online retailers. PoolCandy and eBay both sell them online for $24.99, Amazon is selling them for $10.96 to those with a Prime account, Overstock is selling them for $31.99, Nordstrom Rack is currently selling them for $16.97, and Pretticute is selling them for $37.42. So, you have a lot of retail options — it all depends on where you want to order from.

Maybe you prefer to use your pool floats for rest and relaxation, as opposed to entertaining your friends. And if that's the case, make sure to check out these five pool floats that are perfect for tanning. Whether you want something ~luxurious~ or if you're simply seeking out a cheap option that won't break the bank, Amazon has an incredibly wide selection. Honestly, though, these would be fantastic additions to accompany that floating bar of yours.

OK, in all honesty, if you weren't already planning a pool party, this is definitely your calling to do so. Every gathering could seriously use a light-up floating buffet cooler, if you ask me, and regardless of where you end up buying it, I know you'll have a blast with it. Just remember to consistently keep your bar stocked with food, beverages, and ice galore, because it's truly about to be the life of all your parties this season.