Pickle-Flavored Ice Cream Exists & This Is Not A Drill

by Collette Reitz

Finding any excuse to cool down with some delicious ice cream is one of my favorite ways to celebrate summer. Enjoying a cup or a cone of the sweet stuff is a great way to beat the heat, and there are so many flavors from which to choose. Of course, you probably have a favorite flavor as your summer go-to, but you might want to switch it up after learning about one of the newest ice cream flavors to hit the scene. Here's where to get pickle-flavored ice cream for a different summertime dessert.

If you're anything like me, learning that pickle-flavored ice cream exists might throw you for a loop at first. Don't get me wrong, I am all about adding pickles to pretty much every meal I eat, but I guess I just never thought of combining my favorite crunchy snack with my favorite dessert. Thankfully, the people at Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. in New York City aren't afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to new dessert creations.

According to Hello Giggles, the fast-casual dumpling restaurant opened this year, and Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. recently added pickle-flavored soft serve ice cream to their menu. If the feedback online is an accurate indictor, people are very much here for this new and different sweet treat.

Pickle-flavored soft serve isn't a haphazard collision of two random food groups, either. The idea for pickle-flavored ice cream came from the same team already paying homage to the crunchy condiment at Jacob's Pickles, a restaurant serving up southern fare featuring (you guessed it) pickles in New York City.

Their love of the pickle is explained of the Jacob's Pickles website. It reads,

For us, pickles have a real place at the table. Throughout history, pickles have had a major role in food culture. We’re inspired by the pickle – and use it to help us elevate comfort food to new levels. We use pickles from start to finish, to wake up the taste buds as an appetizer then to cleanse the palette at the end of the meal.

There isn't a detailed description of how the pickle is incorporated into the icy pickle-flavored soft serve, but pictures of the stuff show a creamy-looking light green-hued ice cream that will probably help cool you down on the hottest of summer days. Expanding your ice cream horizons doesn't have to break the bank either, because you can try a dish of the new pickle-flavored soft serve for only $5.

Once again, the reviews coming in on Instagram about this new, cool treat are all raving about the unexpected flavor, but if the pickle-flavored soft serve doesn't tickle your fancy, you can always opt for one of the other two soft serve flavors on the Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. menu: matcha and chocolate dip.

If you prefer working your way up to a sweet treat, then Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. has plenty of options for you to get a savory fix as well. With menu items like the spicy curry pork dumpling or cold sesame noodles, you'll definitely work up a taste for a sweet helping of soft serve.

Since you can never really have too much ice cream, you might also be interested in another new flavor that has recently arrived in time for those long, hot summer days. Sour Patch Kids "Red, White & Blue" ice cream is exclusively available in Walmart stores until the end of the year. While it probably tastes different than the pickle-flavored soft serve, you can enjoy the lemon sorbet and vanilla ice cream laced with sour "redberry" swirls and blue Sour Patch Kids chunks when you buy a limited-edition tub, according to The Daily Meal.

Whether you go super adventurous with a helping of pickle-flavored soft serve in NYC or keep it a little tamer (and more sour) with the new Sour Patch Kids ice cream at home, there are plenty of new and tasty ways to keep cool this season.